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  1. I changed the time slots to be in 30-minute intervals rather than hourly increments. Here's the code. I haven't tested it. Please let us know if it works. ~ case 1: mes "[New Session]"; if (.Size > 127) { mes "You have already reached the maximum of 32 sessions."; next; break; } mes "Select a day."; next; set [email protected], select(" ~ "+implode(.Days$,": ~ "))-1; mes "[New Session]"; mes "Select a start time for ^0055FF"+.Days$[[email protected]]+"^000000."; next; set [email protected]$,""; for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<47; set [email protected],[email protected]+2) set [email protected]$, [email protected]$+" ~ "+Add_Zero(floor([email protected]/2),1)+":"+Add_Zero(([email protected]%2)*30,2)+":"; set [email protected], select([email protected]$)-1; mes "[New Session]"; mes "Select an end time for ^0055FF"+.Days$[[email protected]]+"^000000."; next; set [email protected]$,""; for(set [email protected],[email protected]+1; [email protected]<48; [email protected],[email protected]+2) set [email protected]$, [email protected]$+" ~ "+Add_Zero(floor([email protected]/2),1)+":"+Add_Zero(([email protected]%2)*30,2)+":"; set [email protected], select([email protected]$)[email protected]; for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<.Size; set [email protected],[email protected]+4) if ([email protected] == $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]] && (([email protected] >= $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+1] && [email protected] < $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+2]) || ([email protected] > $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+1] && [email protected] <= $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+2]) || ([email protected] <= $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+1] && [email protected] >= $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+2]))) { mes "[New Session]"; mes "The chosen times overlap with an existing session."; next; set [email protected],1; break; } if ([email protected]) { set [email protected],0; break; }
  2. 1. Gamit kayo ng version control platforms like Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, etc. 2. Bumili kayo ng cheap na VPS, tipong worth USD 1-5 lang per month tapos doon ninyo i-host test environment ninyo. May mga plugins sa VSCode na mag-automatic sync ng changes from editor to your VPS para dire-diretso kayo ng gawa.
  3. This is the first time I've seen this post. As a way of saying thank you to Herc, I'll be donating on a regular basis. This is the emulator that we've been using for SolaceRO. Thanks for your dedication! Update: I just realized, my payment was declined. Not sure if this is connected with the situation in Eastern Europe. Sucks, I don't have crypto.
  4. Use eAthena: https://github.com/eathena/eathena
  5. Compile your server as pre-renewal. You're using the renewal Izlude.
  6. You might have forgotten to tick translate client when you diffed it.
  7. It's best if you do it on the web. It's extremely risky to do these from an NPC script. You can find many freelance web developers who can help you with this.
  8. None. Don't bother, there's no workaround to it.
  9. Too lazy to understand the whole script, but please try adding this below the line with getitem. if ([email protected] <= 3) { announce(strcharinfo(PC_NAME)+" got "+ getd( ".p"+ [email protected] +"["+( 1+3*[email protected] -1 )+"]" ) +" "+ getitemname( getd( ".p"+ [email protected] +"["+ (1+ 3*[email protected] -2) +"]" ) ) +"!", bc_blue|bc_all); }
  10. Yes, it lags the server when multiple mushrooms are stacked on the same cell. In my server, I made an instance where players can plant mushrooms with a limited number of spawns.
  11. It's a memory issue. Try changing the device on your setup.exe.
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