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  1. It's an offline server, right? Why you dont use IP? Or the server stay in LAN another PC? This case you have a network problem. If internal IP is right, so you need investigate network port and other possible problems with your network comunication.
  2. Hello friends, It's been a while since I've worked with emulators, and I would like to know from you what the average cost would be to maintain a server for around 100 players. Also, how much would the cost increase to accommodate more players? Some questions I have are: 1- Are shields against hacks still being used? What is currently considered the best option? 2- What are the infrastructure requirements, and what prices are suppliers offering? (If it goes against the Forum's rules to advertise, you don't need to mention the host)
  3. The topic https://rathena.org/board/topic/70818-ping-command/ dont exist anymore. @Dastgir Where can I get this command or an example of it to try and implement it? Thank. 6 years later and I still want this command. Hahaha
  4. I am interested in creating this system for my college's networking subject. I would share it in the community. Any tips or help is welcome. Thanks.
  5. I would like to know if there is any plugin or system that allows measuring the latency of all players logged into the game. Or if at least it's possible to create this in source.
  6. I accomplished this by editing the mob_load (mob.c) and itemdb_read (itemdb.c) functions. They were simple edits, but they needed to remove some lines of code. My question is how can I pass this on to a plugin? Is it possible to make this type of change through plugins?
  7. @AnnieRuru Thank you for creating this plugin.
  8. I also have this doubt. Is the united solution updating the emulator? What does --enable-epoll do ??
  9. Can someone please confirm me how to run the emulator with the "--generate-translations" parameter? Or if this still works in the emulator. Because I'm not able to use it, even following the guidelines in this topic:
  10. This was one of my concerns that came to my mind, but perhaps applying this logic only to whispering messages is feasible because it is one to one translation and not one to several. Do you mean needing to edit the hexed or create a special diff or dll file? I can well imagine how to do this on the part of the emulator, in which I will try to test your suggestion to create a plugin, however on the part of the client it is still kind of confusing to me.
  11. Yes, this is a very good way to automate translations. But another thing I wanted to do was to be able to translate the messages of the players in real time. For example, a Spanish-speaking player speaks in your language and the emulator, when sending the message package to another player's client, translates it from Spanish into English for the other player who is English-speaking. In this way it would be possible to create a server where players of different languages can communicate with each other. Is my idea feasible or can you imagine any limiter that hampers this? Thank.
  12. I would like to know what are the possibilities of creating a plugin that allows using the google translation inside the emulator. It would look something like python library: https://pypi.org/project/googletrans/ Would it be possible to do something like that?
  13. Sorry, i am noob. I dont understand how generate the .po file. I'm execute map-server with --generate-translations param and nothing .po file is created. Someone can help? Thanks.
  14. Problem solved. Apparently it was some permission issue with Windows. Thanks.
  15. Anybody know the reason about my map-server stay locked in this process?
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