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  1. Need some help with ITEM LINK. When we link an item in an INPUT the .@variablestring$ looks like this. (Example: S><ITEML>0004811iL&1v(00(00(00(00</ITEML> OFFER ) My question is how can I get the value of the encrypted ITEML as a plain string? So that my .@variabletring$ will just have S>Grand Circlet as value. Hope that make sense.
  2. Thank you for all the details. I have now the bot protection that uses all possible prevention mentioned here. Managed to prevent the scrapping as well by decrypting the bot code via API call. So the available bot code in the source code is still encrypted value.
  3. Thanks. Love reading your insight. I just want to make sure the answer to my question about reading what's inside the variable. if this is my variable .@encrypted$ in the NPC. Can BOT read its value? Because if not, there's no way they can decrypt it. OR if they can they also need to decrypt it first because the value inside is also encrypted, the value exposed in the URL parameter needs to be decrypted as well before it shows on the webpage or before they know the real value. But of course, they can scrape maybe the value from the web page but that's something that requires more resources which maybe not worth it unless I have 2 to 5k unique players.
  4. That's good news if BOT can't read what's on the variable's value. What I'm going to do is encrypt a bot code and send it to a browser, the PHP will decrypt back the code, and the player will input the value to the input. So let's say I have .@encrypted$ string which is an encrypted string of a real value of 5 digit numbers. (e.g 27524 will have an encrypted value of 5754565A57) The user will get the decrypted value in the browser and will get a match if typed correctly in an NPC input. Do you think BOT can bypass the encryption? Take note that this value is not displayed anywhere in the NPC dialog but the encrypted value is appended to the <URL> so PHP can decrypt it. And this NPC is constantly moving around where only real players can follow and click. BOT can see the NPC ID but move to it's location is the issue since the location is changing every second, so if herc only allows a click when the bot is near the NPC then it will definitely give a hard time to the bot, especially on a time pressure situation
  5. Additional question, can BOT read the entire NPC script? What about VARIABLES?
  6. Thank you. That's actually the goal. BOT has everything it needs to send a packet, but having difficulty finding the right NPC unless you're human playing will make it hard to bypass the security. Changing NPCs so it will have difficulty getting constant GID, and monsters around, if BOT is set up to attack all then it won't get a chance to find the NPC. Also thinking of another way that is almost impossible to bypass using Webhook but is not supported atm. Not even sure if it can be integrated.
  7. Wow someone replied. Thank you so much. So based on this, BOT can Identify the NPC GID but needs to go near it so herc allow to send the packet. (do I need to code it or it is just the way it is right now without an extra script?) Hmm.. then maybe other distractions can also help fool the BOT like monsters and a constantly changing NPC to make it hard for the BOT to identify the GID.
  8. Darn! People are too busy for this awesome released! Kudos to you 4114! My server still not live yet so no income to spare. But hopefully soon...
  9. To those who wanted to know the details: Proxy - ranging from 600 - 700 USD per month Server - 400 to 600 Pretty expensive for an effective protection.
  10. Can I ask a question about BOT? ~ Can both communicate to an NPC even if it's not visible on the screen? (They are both in the same MAP it is just that the NPC is not visible on screen or further in terms of CELL, because it's moving or changing coordinates.) ~ Can BOT identify the NPC on the screen or the entire map? (some kind of ID? How?) and click it or go to the location to communicate? Coz I only know they can only go to coordinates and talk to that NPC?
  11. I'm trying to have knowledge of how the openkore bot works, to be able to come up with something on how to prevent it. (Hopefully). Coz just wondering that maybe Gepard got bypassed by some players since there are still lots of bots on the server I know. Here are some of the questions I want to know ~ ~ Can both communicate to an NPC even if it's not visible on the screen? (They are both in the same MAP it is just that the NPC is not visible on screen because it's moving or changing coordinates.) ~ Can BOT identify the NPC on the screen (some kind of ID? How?) and click it or go to the location to communicate? Hopefully, someone knowledgeable can help answer this.
  12. Sorry mixed it up. The real problem is when you're wearing a DAGGER sprite it won't show up for both hands and will use the default dagger so the only solution to this right now is to use a katar costume weapon that looks like a dagger hehehe...
  13. This is really cool addition the only problem is that Assassin does not have sprite for this. Katar always shows as dagger sprite. Not sure if this issue exists on all the latest clients.
  14. I just want to have this discussion since we rarely have this kind of topic in this community. The main objective here is to know which is really good DDOS protection that WORKS, and how much are we talking about here. Based on my research, servers with a huge population are using Path Network as their main DDOS protection and I tested it myself during one of the openings of I think one of the most successful launching of a server withstand any DDOS attack. I am pretty sure it's under attack during that time. So my conclusion is this protection they have is really effective, I just want to know more details like pricing, how to avail, any alternatives, maybe it can help more people if someone share their own experience. BTW, Already inquired about their service and just waiting for reply. Will share it here soon...
  15. Thank you for trying. I got an error on the floor() part I changed it to atoi but checking I got this menu and the time is not matching either. New code: case 1: mes "[New Session]"; if (.Size > 127) { mes "You have already reached the maximum of 32 sessions."; next; break; } mes "Select a day."; next; set .@day, select(" ~ "+implode(.Days$,": ~ "))-1; mes "[New Session]"; mes "Select a start time for ^0055FF"+.Days$[.@day]+"^000000."; next; set .@menu$,""; for(set .@i,0; .@i<47; set .@i,.@i+2) set .@menu$, .@menu$+" ~ "+Add_Zero(atoi(.@i/2),1)+":"+Add_Zero((.@i%2)*30,2)+":"; set .@start, select(.@menu$)-1; mes "[New Session]"; mes "Select an end time for ^0055FF"+.Days$[.@day]+"^000000."; next; set .@menu$,""; for(set .@i,.@start+1; .@i<48; set.@i,.@i+2) set .@menu$, .@menu$+" ~ "+Add_Zero(atoi(.@i/2),1)+":"+Add_Zero((.@i%2)*30,2)+":"; set .@end, select(.@menu$)+.@start; for(set .@i,0; .@i<.Size; set .@i,.@i+4) if (.@day == $WOE_CONTROL[.@i] && ((.@start >= $WOE_CONTROL[.@i+1] && .@start < $WOE_CONTROL[.@i+2]) || (.@end > $WOE_CONTROL[.@i+1] && .@end <= $WOE_CONTROL[.@i+2]) || (.@start <= $WOE_CONTROL[.@i+1] && .@end >= $WOE_CONTROL[.@i+2]))) { mes "[New Session]"; mes "The chosen times overlap with an existing session."; next; set .@d,1; break; } if (.@d) { set .@d,0; break; }
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