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  1. This is awesome!! I'm a newbie and have zero programming skills. I'm trying to learn how to recreate a classic RO and use the modern UI like this map, but I've search the forum and no luck. I hope I can learn from you...
  2. Hi I'm new here... short intro, I'm a noob.. programming skills 1 out of 10 (I only know how to use a notepad), following instruction skill 9 out 10... I followed the instructions and got it to work fine (PRE RENEWAL)... I wanted to play around with its config and the first thing I want to try is to be able to refine past +10, so I googled and the only answer I found was to change MAX_REFINE (was on status.h according to search result but it's now in refine.h) and update the refine_db.conf... I did it both but... LONG STORY SHORT = IT DIDN'T WORK, SO WHERE DID I GO WRONG?
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