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  1. Showcasing my little project. The Worldmap UI inside the client is a nice feature which is not really used much. I tried looking around for something to let me use it, but unfortunately, there's little to no information about it. After tinkering and figuring out how it works, I've managed something. Here's a little sneak peak: Video Preview: Screenshots: The one shared above is centered in Episode 5: Yuno, but I've already got it lined up for the other episodes where the default one is not really matching / usable. The average level when show mob is selected is also not included in the preview. This works alongside the navigation feature. Some of the colors in the UI were also changed due to my preference, but it's also customizable. Special thanks to @Vy Low for letting me use his worldmap.jpeg.
  2. Do we still have nothing about this? Either server / client side?
  3. Looks like Sonic Blow Animation was removed along the way. Does anyone have any idea on how to bring it back? I think this was done both client side and server side. With Animation:
  4. Sorry for necroing, but can this work as plug in on most recent?
  5. were you able to solve this? I'm currently looking for how.
  6. Were you able to work this out? I'm using the same client and getting the same issue. EDIT: After asking & looking around, I found out that this is due to gravity changing how ground skills work. I was able to confirm that gepard has a module to fix this.
  7. I think the delay you mentioned are like the cooldowns ( which turns the skills gray then normal after a period of time ). This looks like client side and I haven't found a way to turn it off. At least when the delay is set to normal.
  8. Hi, we have a small team looking to create an awesome community in the private server scene. We understand that people have different needs and wants. We want to meet them in the middle. The following are the rates we've decided upon and the episode as to which the server will be using on launch. The server will be set on pre-renewal classic only. Max Level: 99/70 Stats: 99 Max ASPD: 190 The Episode 9: Rebirth Rates : 5x/5x/3x Card Drops: 1% Party Capacity: 20 Guild Capacity: 26 (1 Guildmaster + 25 Guildmembers) Mini/MVP Cards will be disabled. We've decided to modify the guild capacity to promote guild engagement in the long run. We'll need help in setting/removing the items or things that aren't available on the said episode. We'll also release further episode depending on the server's timeline in the future. We've already have some experience in handling servers but not too much of a community(Max is around 200+ players) and we're looking forward to having more with everyone. We don't plan on having a p2w server. This would be focused on quests/activities. Donations will all be used for server maintenance and improvements. Full on cosmetic rewards. You may want to tell your friends and guildies. If you want to join the alpha & beta which would be decided upon soon, you may keep in touch with us here or on Discord use mine or contact Tyr#9561
  9. 2019-01-09aRagexe has working emblems afaik. you may want to check on it
  10. I tried playing with it, the server has been recompiled and all. the default setting for max quest objectives is 3. but you can only put around 2 objectives. same thing happens with a clean src and putting in the 3 quest objectives
  11. There's one included in Herc. \npc\custom\etc\floating_rates just set it up to your preferred time. OnInit: //add any other HOURS OnHour00: OnHour06: OnHour12: OnHour18: Then the rates here: //------------------- set $@brate,rand(100,150); set $@jrate,rand(100,150); set $@drate,rand(100,150); //Base exp setbattleflag("base_exp_rate",$@brate); //Job exp setbattleflag("job_exp_rate",$@jrate); //Drops setbattleflag("item_rate_common",$@drate); setbattleflag("item_rate_heal",$@drate); setbattleflag("item_rate_use",$@drate); setbattleflag("item_rate_equip",$@drate); //we don't change card drops rate, because these values won't change them anyway
  12. I tried changing the packet size, but what should be the correct one? I'm trying to utilize the quest log system for like up to 5 objectives and more
  13. I tried doing higher quest limits but it doesn't seem to work, no error on compiling but when taking on the quest I get this. mmo.h #ifndef MAX_QUEST_OBJECTIVES #define MAX_QUEST_OBJECTIVES 11 How do we do this properly though? Anything else to modify?
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