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  1. Amazing. Great work! It's really too bad there was a split between rA and Hercules. *Still hopes you guys will "merge"* Don't hate, just a dream xP
  2. Hmm.. sounds interesting. Thank you for responding.
  3. I feel like my questions are being ignored.... If you don't know the answer to any (such as the first question), just say so? Or split the topic if you are afraid of it "going out of topic" - although my questions are in response to Trojal's post on the topic. As for SVN copy, I understand GIT has a good number of advantages of using; and I agree with the use of it. However, there are also advantages of having an SVN copy for just the master branch as well. SVN has a linear advancement, unlike GIT, allowing for players to easily say which revision they have when reporting. Or even when someone releases a free download, they can say it works for "r15000+". It also allows bug reports to have a sort of "start" point. Maintaining should be easy with scheduling jobs to pull and git svn it to an SVN copy Seeing how GIT handles its branching business without recopying the files, unlike SVN, is one of its advantages. However, seeing as I am only asking for the master branch to be copied into SVN (no other branches) there is no extra overhead to worry about for creating branches and such in the main repos. For the plugin feature, I know that code would be a problem, that's why I said it was wishful thinking lol
  4. Trojal, from your response, I was just wondering the following... You mentioned that this emulator is willing to add custom content. I was wondering how you plan to go about approving if custom content should or should not be added. Will it be a community poll - majority wins after x days? Only staff can approve? Or? Maybe, a plugin feature will be created so that people can easily choose and install what customs they want to add on their own, thus lowering the chances of drama and/or dissatisfaction on both the staff/devs and users. (wishful thinking haha) Might be stretching it, but I am also wondering if this means that staff are no longer able to open Paid Services or RO servers? (since I believe in *athena, we didnt want another Zeph that was a staff but didnt contribute his work that could have been included in the emulator - now a fuzzy line with being able to add custom content) Btw, I do like the idea of using GIT but do you have any plans of having an SVN equivalent (for the main branch at least)?
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