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  1. this game is crystal altar i believe, from Eden Eternal @.@
  2. It's true, RO is falling... And now it's just going to fall faster T_T goodluck, wish you the very best!
  3. Si estas usando de las ultimas versiones de hercules podrias almacenar los valores en variables globales, ya que como aumentaron a una capacidad mucho mas grande, no afectaria en lo absoluto ocupar 1 o 2 de esas variables, inclusive algunas mas, si quieres ser mas detallado, ejemplo, la fecha, hora, quien se lo dio, que le dio, cuanto le dio, etc. Si no, pues la unica manera para almacenar eso seria por SQL. Me avisas.
  4. Hello, just want to request this item bonus. It's called LifeSteal, I think there's a similar one already in, but I wanted it to be like this. LifeSteal, every hit will have a stolen percent (%) of the total HP of the enemy. bonus bLifeSteal, n%; maybe also another parameter with cooldown of seconds that will trigger the effect. bonus bLifeSteal, n%, x; Thank you! Actually it wouldn't be that hard to do, but I honestly don't know where these bonuses are. I think battle.c though.
  5. It really depends on the skill and which Job is using it. For example, you can use the Vulcan+Song+Change Guitar combo with clown and it will work if the delays are setted properly, but with minstrel, as far as I'm concerned, it does not work quite properly. From what I know it has something to do with the Sprites, the delay works differently even if the delay is set to 0. As if you just want to set the delay of any skill to 0 (even though it may not cast as fast as you want it to be, because of the issue I mentioned above), just do as JaBote said above+
  6. It's amazing how many people has contributed to Athena/RO Emu Community. Brings back memories, since I started back in late 2006, even though I haven't do much lately, it was a pleasure working with pretty much most of them, and being able to learn and get experience from everyone. *Cheers*
  7. hercules/conf/groups.conf https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/master/conf/groups.conf Depending on the group you want to add it for... id: 0 /* group 0 is the default group for every new account */ name: "Player" level: 0 inherit: ( /*empty list*/ ) commands: { /* no commands by default */ //the commands must be added here } To add a command the format is: commands: [true, false] being the first value @ and the second # commandname: [@,#] true to enable the command false to disable the command You may have posted on the wrong section though (Moved to General Support).
  8. Maybe... battle.c find if(!flag.rh && wd.damage) wd.damage=0; if(!flag.lh && wd.damage2) wd.damage2=0; add below. if(skill_id && dstsd->class_&MAPID_BASEMASK) == MAPID_GUNSLINGER) { wd.damage = wd.damage/2; wd.damage2 = wd.damage2/2;}
  9. K, I'll look into it and get back to you, I'm in university right now.
  10. Ah I see. Does Safety wall even reflects damage? I'm sorry it's just been years that I don't follow iRO. Don't remember that happening on private servers a few years ago.
  11. I did not understand very well, maybe if you could elaborate exactly what do you want I can do it for ya.
  12. @Xgear yeah, it's really up to you, as I said, I personally prefer having it publicly though.
  13. The point was not having to go over the virtual machine in order to look up for an error.
  14. This wouldn't work, or most likely it's not efficient, I'd rather make all players log again, would be the same thing if I just re-start the server.
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