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  1. File Name: Bakuen File Submitter: Nameless2you File Submitted: 13 Nov 2015 File Category: Sprites & Palettes Click here to download this file
  2. 212 downloads

  3. This looks awesome! Keep it up, hope to see more great stuff being released by you!
  4. This can't be official, MVPs teleport in official if trapped and attacked, or if attacked and don't have clear sight to attacker.
  5. I agree and disagree. If we remove it cool and all but we'll get 2x or 3x as many "give me healer script that make buff" or "make job changer that take jellopy to change"
  6. Not the best idea depending on where you store your data. Do you store the data server side or on the same server as your website? The former being the better choice for latency. Best might be to host it with the same host, different vps models, that way the latency is low, and chances that both have issues at the same time is low unless they're within the same rack and the rack goes down, be it for maintenance or other reasons. In the end it really matters what you intend to invest, nowadays that isn't all that much thanks to competition.
  7. I like your idea. Don't see any good argument to keeping the inactive/active state at the moment. And maybe make checkquest() an alias of questprogress().
  8. You can also get a vps for your website, the only difference from that and your server will be the size required and therefore the cost. But if you really only want a "webhost" try your domain name provider, they usually offer this service as well.
  9. You can do stuff like A good script to look at is https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/b791b665c87589548c9c57afbe0fe50ec7c32676/npc/custom/jobmaster.txt and always remember the good old documentation: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/master/doc/script_commands.txt
  10. root (very bad for you) <~~ that force Hercules to run as root? Any other work around for that? Create a new user, assign the files inside the hercules directory to that specific user. Alternatively you can create a new user, create a new group, add the user to that group and change the group of the hercules directory. The commands needed for this would be: useradd, chgrp, chown, possibly also chmod.
  11. This is a pretty decent tutorial on how to do about it: http://www.shayanderson.com/linux/add-startup-script-or-service-with-linux-on-bootup.htm
  12. You'd have to write your own script for autorestarting it. Just do a while loop and check fi the process is still running, if not restart it, kind of thing. And it already runs on linux, so what exactly do you mean by "as linux service"?
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