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  1. (willing to pay) Hello guys , this is a bit complicated but I hope someone can make this *im using rathena btw I need a script for a npc that will warp certain user who set/know the password for the npc (like a housing system) > Owner player (vip) talk to a npc (and I need like 10 duplicate npc with different warp) > NPC check if the location is empty, user can set password and use the warp until his vip is end (im using rathena vip system, vip_status) > Other player (friend) can come to his house using a password that he already set > When his vip time is ended , npc remove the warper for user so other user can use the warp Similiar to housing system but using vip_status instead with some edits Thanks guys
  2. Max

    Flux cp slow

    Fixed thanks Dastgir
  3. Max

    Flux cp slow

    Hello guys I have a problem with my flux cp , I have a landing page and a custom flux cp that I paid , at first it was normal , before I have the landing page. and then after I install my landing page , my flux cp is become slower, yes my landing page included registration and server status check + online peak , and now everytime I turn on server , landing page will respone quick but my flux cp will take 10 mins even updating online players. Can someone help me ? I tried to remove my landing page and still the same , re install flux cp its done also still the same, please help
  4. Hey are you busy atm ? I tried to added u on discord

  5. hi im interested to order design how to contact you ? EDIT REVIEW: she's fast.............................. 9/10
  6. I added your on discord for service , beastonetv
  7. Max

    im back !

    hi guys it's been a long time since I visit hercules , it's good to be back to hercules :3 How's hercules doing ? They have new system job called summonner ? is it true ?
  8. Max

    Ragnarok Mobile

    Thank you , is the dev still working on it ? If yes I might try it.
  9. Max

    Ragnarok Mobile

    Hello guys I was wondering how did u do this ? Doing the .APK file for android. Because there's some RO using this feature already , I don't know how to find it. I was wondering if any of you know about this ? Thank you Sorry if I posted on the wrong section. @@Dastgir
  10. Max

    AFK Plugins update

    I opened another topic before but seem the owner of the script is busy didnt update the script so I was hoping anyone can fix it ? /* By Dastgir/HerculesChangelog:v1.0 - Initial Conversionv1.1 - Dead Person cannot @afk.v1.2 - Added afk_timeout option(Battle_Config too...) Yippy...v1.3 - Added noafk mapflag :Dv1.4 - Compatible with new Hercules.Battle Config Adjustment:You can add "afk_timeout: seconds" in any of the files in conf/battle/ to make it work(so you don't have to recompile everytime you want to change timeout seconds)MapFlags:Add mapflag just like you add other mapflags,e.g:prontera mapflag noafk^ Add Above to any script, and it will make prontera to be noafk zone.*/#include "common/hercules.h"#include <stdio.h>#include <stdlib.h>#include <string.h>#include "common/HPMi.h"#include "common/memmgr.h"#include "common/mmo.h"#include "common/socket.h"#include "common/strlib.h"#include "common/timer.h"#include "common/mapindex.h"#include "map/battle.h"#include "map/clif.h"#include "map/script.h"#include "map/skill.h"#include "map/pc.h"#include "map/map.h"#include "map/status.h"#include "map/channel.h"#include "common/HPMDataCheck.h"HPExport struct hplugin_info pinfo ={ "@afk", // Plugin name SERVER_TYPE_MAP,// Which server types this plugin works with? "1.4", // Plugin version HPM_VERSION, // HPM Version (don't change, macro is automatically updated)};int afk_timeout = 0;struct plugin_mapflag { unsigned noafk : 1;};ACMD(afk){ /* MapFlag Restriction */ struct plugin_mapflag *mf_data = getFromMAPD(&map->list[sd->bl.m], 0); if (mf_data && mf_data->noafk) { clif->message(fd, "@afk is forbidden in this map."); return true; } if( pc_isdead(sd) ) { clif->message(fd, "Cannot use @afk While dead."); return true; } if(DIFF_TICK(timer->gettick(),sd->canlog_tick) < battle->bc->prevent_logout) { clif->message(fd, "Failed to use @afk, please try again later."); return true; } sd->state.autotrade = 1; sd->state.monster_ignore = 1; pc_setsit(sd); skill->sit(sd,1); clif->sitting(&sd->bl); clif->changelook(&sd->bl,LOOK_HEAD_TOP,471); clif->specialeffect(&sd->bl, 234,AREA); if( afk_timeout ) { status->change_start(NULL, &sd->bl, SC_AUTOTRADE, 10000, 0, 0, 0, 0, afk_timeout*1000,0); } channel->quit(sd); //Quit from Channels. clif->authfail_fd(fd, 15); return true;}void afk_timeout_adjust(const char *val) { //In Seconds int value = config_switch(val); if (value < 0){ ShowDebug("Received Invalid Setting for afk_timeout(%d), defaulting to 0n",value); return; } afk_timeout = value; return; }void parse_noafk_mapflag(const char *name, char *w3, char *w4, const char* start, const char* buffer, const char* filepath, int *retval){ int16 m = map->mapname2mapid(name); if (!strcmpi(w3,"noafk")){ struct plugin_mapflag *mf_data; if ( !( mf_data = getFromMAPD(&map->list[m], 0) ) ) { CREATE(mf_data,struct plugin_mapflag,1); mf_data->noafk = 1; addToMAPD(&map->list[m], mf_data, 0, true); } mf_data->noafk = 1; hookStop(); } return;}/* Server Startup */HPExport void plugin_init (void){ addAtcommand("afk",afk); addHookPre("npc->parse_unknown_mapflag",parse_noafk_mapflag);}HPExport void server_preinit (void) { addBattleConf("afk_timeout",afk_timeout_adjust);}HPExport void server_online (void) { ShowInfo ("'%s' Plugin by Dastgir/Hercules. Version '%s'n",pinfo.name,pinfo.version);} AFK.c plugins Since the new update: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/commit/f102c913b2aa093ef40c7846e25850ebb1106d71 What should I add ? return ? Should it be like this ? HPExport void server_preinit (void) { addBattleConf("afk_timeout",afk_timeout_adjust); return; // or return true;} The error showing: afk.c: In function 'server_preinit':afk.c:125:48: error: macro "addBattleConf" requires 3 arguments, but only 2 given addBattleConf("afk_timeout",afk_timeout_adjust); ^afk.c:125:2: error: 'addBattleConf' undeclared (first use in this function) addBattleConf("afk_timeout",afk_timeout_adjust); ^afk.c:125:2: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in Thank you
  11. This script created by Euphy's, upgraded by Annie's Can you guys help me change this mvp ladder from Monthly Ranking to Weekly ? Thank you! SOLVED @@AnnieRuru
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