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  1. Anyone how do you put some chatroom box above in this WoE Controller.txt npc? I'm trying to use NPC:ID 111 (Hidden NPC) and put chatroom above, ("."+strcharinfo(3)))))>(.reward);>
  2. kbandeleon


    I'm getting errors, with patching files, rejected changes i guess
  3. kbandeleon


    hi, how do you apply .patch files ?
  4. WeeThumbnail doesn't work, however, i found this online viewer http://www.robrowser.com/prototype/GRF-Viewer/, I think I will use this for now rather than complicating my registry
  5. Ok ok I will, the thing is I easily cram around before finding the solution, I was like, "oh no, what did I do blablabla, i should post to hercules right away for it to be fixed" after posting i will find the answer btw i will make things in reverse for now lolol thank you
  6. What I always did was post first, then search for a solution or the solution will eventually pop in my head, My apologies for my posts like "My Question My Answer" posts, can i continue doing those for the sake of other searchers for hercules?
  7. I can also see the faces of the players when the GMs are having down times because of DDOS attacks, i think it's asurahosting too
  8. No no man, it's a piece of art it's cute actually i love it
  9. Do you have any translation for this? I use 20130520 and i'm new to setting up this client and server side so expect that i have the latest tuts from hercules like on how to change 2013 client with loki launcher and translated 20130520 clients from rathena i guess BTW I'll be trying this translation and try if it works, i'll update my post if this is the solution https://github.com/ROClientSide/Translation Update: Okay, so all i have to do is to change luas to lubs in order for the client side to read what's in data folder. **CLOSED**
  10. I will use this! here i have suggestion, uhm, next and previous buttons on focused image and don't forget the name below,
  11. Ok then will try those now thank you guys!
  12. I've tried these three links just to view my sprites on thumbnail view coz it's hard to view it one by one using ratemyserver tools http://creatures.wikia.com/wiki/Sprite_Thumbnail_Viewer http://ro.borf.info/sprview/ http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/11738-thumbnail-previews-enable-disable.html BTW I'm using Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and they don't work out
  13. I can see many servers buying asurahosting.
  14. It's cute, how'd you do that? can you teach me how?
  15. It's the same for jobidentity.lua, i have updated data_4.0.rar and have the same file size, but i repasted it and repacked
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