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  1. It would be great if it could support THOR files and encrypted grf so we could use this instead of Thor Patcher, without those, this patcher would only work for official data and official servers
  2. 2018-04-02 and Hercules dont have a VIP system
  3. It is possible to make a vote for points system which check if it was realy voted before give points? If it is, someone has it or know how to do?
  4. MrSky

    Cash Shop Label

    Hello guys, there is any event label triggered when buying on this cash shop? http://herc.ws/board/topic/367-introducing-cash-shop-support/
  5. I will search it so #edit A check on getmobdata can be made to check if the monster is attacking/chasing anything?
  6. @@Dastgir Oh ok i will update it asap *-* @@AnnieRuru Thnx annie, i made it work with one of yours mob_controller ^^
  7. Hello AnnieRuru, i'm getting this error: battle_check_target.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _assert_report referenced in function _battle_check_target_post My hercules is from 2014, i dont know if this is the problem :3
  8. Anyone know how make this work? set [email protected], bg_monster ( 1, "bat_c01", 100, 103, "Poring 1", 1002) ;set [email protected], bg_monster ( 2, "bat_c01", 104, 103, "Poring 2", 1002) ;sleep 500 ;unitattack [email protected], [email protected] ;unitattack [email protected], [email protected] ;
  9. Can i make Vote4Points Addon rule for Mac Address instead of IP? Or maybe both? Anyone know how?
  10. Thnx man, i searched but never found a complet one
  11. Hi guys, i just done Harmony patch, and compiled with Visual C, it worked all fine, but on Linux it shows Already searched a lot but cant find solution, anyone can help? @Done can close
  12. Hey guys! Someone have/can make/help make a bg entrace npc, that can use this or any similar system, where i could enter with command instead of chatroom (i can make the command tho), to enter on Hercule's basic battlegrounds arenas like Tierra ou Flavius? I mean, i dont need a new bg, i just need a npc to enter on existing ones like Tierra or Flavius...
  13. I'm trying this now, but dont show <?php $sql = "SELECT *value* FROM {$server->loginDatabase}.`global_reg_value` where `account_id` = `2000000` and `str` = `#CASHPOINTS`"; $sth = $server->connection->getStatement($sql); $sth->execute(); $cash = $sth->fetchAll(); ?> <span class="balance-text">ROPs</span> <span class="balance-amount"><?php echo number_format($cash) ?></span>
  14. I want show people cash on Donate page of fluxcp, instead of credit point <span class="balance-text">ROPs</span><span class="balance-amount"><?php echo number_format(ropS) ?></span>
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