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  1. Hi, How can I make the commands logs available for public viewing in the fluxcp?
  2. Hi, Do we have the script for this NPC where we should exchange KvM badges? I just found the image from iRO. I can't seem to find on how to use the KvM badges that can be obtained from god seal quests
  3. Hi, Can anyone help me modify Euphy's Card Trader script to add more card categories like Category 1,2 3 & 4 instead of just having normal and MvP cards? //===== rAthena Script =======================================//= Card Trader//===== By: ==================================================//= Euphy//===== Current Version: =====================================//= 1.1 //===== Compatible With: =====================================//= rAthena SVN//===== Description: =========================================//= Exchange cards for points.//============================================================ prontera,165,196,6 script Card Trader 90,{ mes "[Card Trader]"; mes "Hi, "+strcharinfo(0)+"!"; mes "What can I do for you?"; next; switch(select(" > Information: > Trade in cards: > Point shop (^0055FF"+getd(.Points$)+"^000000): > Leave")) { case 1: mes "[Card Trader]"; mes "Do you find that you've got"; mes "useless cards lying around?"; mes "I'll be glad to take them off"; mes "your hands!"; next; mes "[Card Trader]"; mes "I'll give you ^0055FF"+.Points[0]+" Point"+((.Points[0] == 1)?"":"s")+"^000000 for each"; mes "card you give me, and"; mes "^0055FF"+.Points[1]+" Points^000000 for MVP cards."; mes "You can trade those points"; mes "for items later on."; mes "How does that sound?"; emotion e_cash; close; case 2: mes "[Card Trader]"; mes "Select the cards you"; mes "want to trade in."; if (.Level) { mes " "; mes "They must be dropped"; mes "by monsters of level"; mes .Level+" and above."; } deletearray @sold_nameid[0],getarraysize(@sold_nameid); callshop "card_shop",2; npcshopattach "card_shop"; end; case 3: mes "[Card Trader]"; mes "You have ^0055FF"+getd(.Points$)+"^000000 Point"+((getd(.Points$) == 1)?".":"s."); callshop "card_shop",1; npcshopattach "card_shop"; end; case 4: mes "[Card Trader]"; mes "*yawn*"; mes "See you later!"; emotion e_yawn; close; } OnSellItem: mes "Cards to sell:"; mes "-----------------------------------"; for(set .@i,0; .@i < getarraysize(@sold_nameid); set .@i,.@i+1) if (@sold_nameid[.@i] > 4000 && @sold_nameid[.@i] < 4700) { if (.Level) { query_sql("SELECT `LV` FROM `mob_db` WHERE `DropCardid` = "+@sold_nameid[.@i],.@lv); if (.@lv < .Level) { dispbottom getitemname(@sold_nameid[.@i])+" is under the minimum level."; continue; } } set .@card_id[getarraysize(.@card_id)], @sold_nameid[.@i]; set .@card_amt[getarraysize(.@card_amt)], @sold_quantity[.@i]; set .@mvp, compare(.MVP$,""+@sold_nameid[.@i]); mes ((.@mvp)?" ^FF0000":" ^777777")+@sold_quantity[.@i]+"x "+getitemname(@sold_nameid[.@i])+"^000000"; set .@card_total, .@card_total+(@sold_quantity[.@i]*((.@mvp)?.Points[1]:.Points[0])); } deletearray @sold_nameid[0], getarraysize(@sold_nameid); deletearray @sold_quantity[0], getarraysize(@sold_quantity); if (!.@card_id) { mes " ^777777(none)^000000"; emotion e_swt; close; } mes " "; mes "---------- Total: ^0055FF"+.@card_total+" pt.^000000 -------"; next; if(select(" > ^0055FFComplete trade...^000000: > ^777777Cancel^000000") == 2) { mes "[Card Trader]"; mes "Oh, okay..."; emotion e_hmm; close; } for(set .@i,0; .@i < getarraysize(.@card_id); set .@i,.@i+1) delitem .@card_id[.@i],.@card_amt[.@i]; setd .Points$, getd(.Points$)+.@card_total; mes "[Card Trader]"; mes "All done!"; emotion e_ho; close; OnBuyItem: for(set .@i,0; .@i < getarraysize(@bought_nameid); set .@i,.@i+1) for(set .@j,0; .@j <getarraysize(.Shop); set .@j,.@j+2) if (@bought_nameid[.@i] == .Shop[.@j]) { set .@cost, .@cost+(.Shop[.@j+1]*@bought_quantity[.@i]); break; } if (.@cost > getd(.Points$)) { mes "[Card Trader]"; mes "You don't have enough Points."; emotion e_omg; } else { mes "Items purchased:"; mes "-----------------------------------"; for(set .@i,0; .@i < getarraysize(@bought_nameid); set .@i,.@i+1) { getitem @bought_nameid[.@i], @bought_quantity[.@i]; mes " ^777777"+@bought_quantity[.@i]+"x "+getitemname(@bought_nameid[.@i])+"^000000"; } mes " "; mes "---------- Total: ^0055FF"+.@cost+" pt.^000000 -------"; setd .Points$, getd(.Points$)-.@cost; emotion e_cash; } deletearray @bought_nameid[0], getarraysize(@bought_nameid); deletearray @bought_quantity[0], getarraysize(@bought_quantity); close; OnInit: set .Level,0; // Minimum monster level to trade corresponding cards. set .Points$,"#Card_Points"; // Variable to store points. setarray .Shop[0], // Card Shop items: <ID>,<point cost> 4001,1,4004,1,4033,1,4196,1,4197,25,4054,50,4174,75,4047,100; setarray .Points[0],1,5; // Points per <normal card>,<MVP card> set .MVP$, // List of MVP cards. "4121,4123,4128,4131,4132,4134,4135,4137,4142,4143,4144,4145,4146,4147,4148,4168,4236,"+ "4241,4263,4276,4302,4305,4318,4324,4330,4342,4357,4359,4361,4363,4365,4399,4403,4407"; npcshopdelitem "card_shop",909; for(set .@i,0; .@i < getarraysize(.Shop); set .@i,.@i+2) npcshopadditem "card_shop",.Shop[.@i],.Shop[.@i+1]; end;}- shop card_shop -1,909:-1
  4. Is there a way to choose a gender on character creation or I am missing something?
  5. Any idea what's causing this? I already updated my kRO files. Cannot find File : spriteÀΰ£Á·¸öÅë³²°Ë»ç_³²_1.act ResourceError : Can't find file Àΰ£Á·¸öÅë³²°Ë»ç_³²_1.act Spr :: Cannot find File : spriteÀΰ£Á·¸öÅë³²°Ë»ç_³²_1.spr
  6. Keep just the most used ones, to the dev team's discretion - for me
  7. Anyone here have the data/client side files of these items? ResourceError : Can't find file À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽ºitem½´ÆÛ½ºÅ¸ÀÇÀå½Ä.bmp Str::Cannot find File : textureeffectstrangelights.str
  8. Thanks for this AnnieRuru and nice to see you around again.
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