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  1. Sorry for this. but is it possible for this system to be a plugin? or atleast someone can make one?
  2. kairu

    Wearing any type of Bow

    Str doesn't affect much on bows. you're getting your damage from str when youre not using a bow
  3. As the title says can we get a seperate log for this? in a way that we can track who bought what item, and also a way to disable #KAFRAPOINTS if possible? thanks!
  4. Has anyone used fxdata.cloud to host their ragnarok servers? how was it? https://fxdata.cloud/
  5. is it possible to globally increase the mobs damage globally to have a higher/lower damage by a percent? (maybe) i think its a good way to add this as a configuration in monster.conf for those who run high rate servers so that PvE content will still be challenging.
  6. So.. a follow up on this.. has there been any solution for it? because i need a higher heal rate value above 32767. if possible would you mind showing me where in the hex editor to change the limit? gratefully appreciated! Edit: its actually about the life potions(SC_M_LIFEPOTION) where it heals a percentage of your life per x interval. it is limited to only 32767 while Heal on acolyte is working fine Edit2: Drop this i just set the flag to not show the healed amount. thanks for reading!
  7. Thanks! i will try this one when i get back... is there also a way to pass arguments/variables into the script?
  8. This may probably be moved to the source support section. Heres an update/work around of it for now: i went in and inputted the items that will be having the hidden abilities in itemdb.h ofcourse i have declared the missing ones and included sql and inter files. nameid = sd->status.inventory[index].nameid; if(itemdb_is_cweapon(nameid)){ unique_id = sd->status.inventory[index].unique_id; if(SQL_ERROR == SQL->Query(inter->sql_handle, "SELECT `description` FROM `randombonus` WHERE `unique_id`='%s'", unique_id)){ Sql_ShowDebug(inter->sql_handle); } else{ char str[500]; SQL->GetData(inter->sql_handle, 1, &data, NULL); str[0] = data; clif->disp_message(&(sd)->bl,str,CHAT); SQL->FreeResult(inter->sql_handle); } } The problem now is im stuck of the error it gives and i dont know what to do with it next.
  9. Is there any workaround in this? or atleast a guide on how to call a function on src
  10. i basically have a randomized skill system where equipments give skills and/or stats etc.. so id like players to know what they got on it and if theyre going to trade it to another player it shows them. so if they put in the item on the trade window theres a dispbottom that shows the hidden attributes.
  11. So i was wondering if this is possible if you put in an item in the trade window a function will be called. i tried looking at trade.c of trade_tradeadditem; but i dont know how to call the function if i put it in the source code. or is there like an "OnTradeAdd" command?
  12. kairu

    Heal over Time

    i now kind of get it. last question: lets say if i want the heal interval to be like 30ms or lower will that cause any problems to the server on how its "stress" level can handle it?
  13. kairu

    Heal over Time

    That what i was thinking i just dont know what values to use and how to use 2 ticks in it.
  14. kairu

    Heal over Time

    oh i didnt see that however can it be percentage of your max hp instead? Yup. bonus2 bHPRegenRate, (MaxHp/100), 1000;This script would drain 1% of max hp every 1000ms (1 second). it should gain 1% every 1s. But thanks i understand now next problem is how long it will linger; was going to put this in ygg berries changing it instead of instant healing to overtime healing. like lets say if you use the berry you would heal 3% of your max hp every 1second for 5second linger time. is it possible still with this item bonus? sorry for being unspecific.
  15. kairu

    Heal over Time

    oh i didnt see that however can it be percentage of your max hp instead?
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