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  1. Here is a topic that describes how Horizon stands out as an emulator and how it really works internally, giving it the wings it needs to provide a large player base. Have a read on it - https://projecthorizon.xyz/index.php?/topic/580-how-horizon-works-under-the-hood/#comment-583
  2. Hey all, I just came back to Hercules again and I have a great new post for everyone. The topic's original post has been updated with what I have planned in writing and telling the community. Have a good enjoyable read and make sure you join us.
  3. It is very challenging to design and architect a multi-threaded application. You will need to make sure that your architecture doesn't result in any dead-locks, or that the code doesn't violate any critical sections and cause race conditions. It is also important to provide a clear understanding of why you need threading in certain areas of code when you are mutually excluding functionalities in threaded architectures. Sometimes people use threading without analyzing why they need multi-threaded performance in areas of the application. I believe that Hercules or eA should have been designed with a multi-threaded architecture from the start, since the current state of the project doesn't consider more than 1 thread and most features are designed to work on a single thread as well, making it more complicated to accurately structure and compose safe concurrent logical behaviour within the application. My emulator follows a similar structure where the I/O is independent of the main application and multiple threads pass on the process from the networking infrastructure to the main component which splits the processing of logic performed on maps multiple maps per thread. I'm following a Hercules style of emulating in C++ and LUA. Maybe it can help you understand where concurrency is needed or if you wish to join in on the composition of a new emulator cleanly designed for modern day development, feel free to contact me on Discord.
  4. I've been updating this casually, for any discussions we have a discord channel - https://discord.gg/TeKwuAZn If you wish to join the team, contact me on discord I would love to have some developers both core(c++) and script (lua). When we have a good community of individuals and more activity, I will create a forums for us to manage important communications.
  5. Great new updates to bring in this year! Blade CP's core has been updated to Laravel 8, followed by a major design upgrade to a more condensed and elegant user interface. Along with many minor bug fixes and completion of missing elements in both the frontend and admin section. New features such as quest database and quest tooltips have also been accommodated. Example from the update to the character view page -
  6. This topic won't be updated further. Changes can be viewed on https://bladecp.xyz/changelog
  7. [ Update April 02, 2019] Blade CP version v1.1 has been released. 1) Complete support for rAthena servers. Now you manage as many servers as you like, either rAthena or Hercules, from the same panel! 2) Added E-Commerce module to the frontend and administration section. Demo: https://bladecp.xyz/shop/products For the admin side of things, kindly check the administration section. 3) Item database will now list drops from monsters along with their respective rates. More details available in my channel - https://discord.gg/pWgZHzx
  8. [ Update March 25 2019 ] Added Administration panel with a dashboard showcasing statistics of all servers. Added Member Management with Role Based Access Control (RBAC) in the administration section. Added Game Account management in the administration section. Added Character listing and lookups in the administration section. Added Guild listing and lookups in the administration section. Added Log listing and lookups in the administration section for all logs - Logins At-commands Characters Chat Dead Branch Loot MVP NPC Zeny Added profile-image management with auto-deletion of old image files. For a live preview, visit the demo site! Join my discord channel for update information or just to hang out - https://discord.gg/pWgZHzx
  9. @Haikenz The app was running in debug mode, switching it to production hides environment variables.
  10. @Myriad I will set one up soon Demo is live now at http:://bladecp.xyz ID: [email protected] Pass: abcdef If you get a message saying "bladecp.xyz’s server IP address could not be found." please give it 24-48 hours as I've just bought the domain.
  11. This project is now alive again, since I've received many requests for it. I've decided to make it really cheap. If you're interested, check out my patreon page and subscribe to tier Blade CP Access or above to get access to it. PM me on discord @Sxyz#0202 The cpanel includes master account system, password changes, account management and character management. Awesome tooltips for items/monsters/quests all via Laravel (the supreme php framework). However, it's still missing a donation system, online shop and monster/quest database.
  12. @Myriad It is in a good state to be usable. It will be out soon as well.
  13. Hey guys, Over the last couple of years I've been at work thinking of a new emulation project to expand our wings as RO emulation developers and create a genre of game server design that intends to be more concrete in terms of in-game development. I now have a project called Horizon and it caters to those developers who wish to expand their knowledge in terms of development and concept architecture, as well as server owners who are with the intention of having a great involvement in the customization of the game design or gameplay. Horizon is created on a multithreaded architecture to cater to multiple thousands of players at once. This can be utilized by the biggest and baddest of servers who have a large userbase (10k+ online at once) where lag and corrosion of gameplay can be avoided at no cost. Having multiple threads allow a mass population to be split amongst them for work and therefore giving the server time to think about how to ideally deal with volumes of information pouring in at once. This is not a system that is available on any of the emulators as currently standing and possible won't be an option in the near future as well since it involves restructuring most of the codebase that was designed since the beginning and re-evaluating all of the work that has been done up and till recent times. That is a a lot of code changes and so that is the reason Horizon is being worked on. With the intention of having server owners customize their servers to the max, Horizon allows ways to make core changes using a scripting language called LUA. With LUA, it will replace the now self-preserved and maintained language that is being used to function NPCs, Warps and other in-game non-playable characters and game-content (RO scripting language). It will change this and allow modifications to core content such as game-changing inter-skill operations, status-based player controlling operations, and other player-related functionalities to be vastly cohesive with the designed environment and provide much modularity in terms of enhancing the game and player-environment engagements. Thirdly, the clustering of information we don't understand. I've noticed that in the portions of code where skills and statuses are maintained, there is cluttering of data that is required to emulate official behavior and therefore lack of properly constructed functionality which is required to be maintained in source and by experienced developers. This is where Horizon stands out in terms of creating a reliably maintainable codebase, providing this requirement to be handed to players and server owners gives them the power to modify the emulation in the LUA scripting language. Ease of understanding and transparency in code is the most fundamental criteria that we abide by in the development of the project Horizon, to ensure that every developer understands the codebase and the necessity of the code. Having a clean and clear codebase makes it apparent to new developers what is going on in within the functionalities of the project. For example, making it easy to keep track of the changes that have been made in official servers to skills and how they work in conjunction with mechanics that alter gameplay of PvE and PvP content. The work that is going on at Horizon will change the RO emulation game and create an environment for players and server-owners to own the game, make it theirs and control their own environment designs and features. We love developers. We have a place for every developer that was there in the making of eAthena, rAthena and Hercules and welcome them to the new development opportunities that Horizon provides. We give them wings to elaborate on what they wish to do with their own choices and give them the freedom to explore and create whatever they wish to in the development of the project. If there is a way for us to join hands and get closer as emulation communities I am more than ready to accept the leaders of each community to be a part of our journey and see it fit to work together in the making of a great emulation workspace. I respect and approve the community's staff, acknowledge all of the work that has gone into making a successful story. But I think we have to up our game one level and see to it that we keep the community's story alive. So here's to creating a great and wonderful project - Horizon. Link to - Horizon Project Board Best, Smoke / Sephus.
  14. Sorry guys, I have no time to continue the development of the project. The reason I made it open source was to gain developer involvement in the project so it moves forward, but for some reason barely anyone contributes. It is not a large-scale project as are others that I'm working on currently and I can only focus on one. Also why was this moved from Plugin releases to the Script release section? This is primarily a plugin release. Best regards~
  15. Hi Smoke, I tried that pull on Achievement on the latest Herc, for unknown reason it did not work as expected.  Is there any thing that I need to change/update? thanks Smoke.  

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