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  1. i tried fixing this, but no luck.. maybe the author can fix this problem..
  2. that is a great a idea.. 😆
  3. good day everyone. i have an idea to improve searchstore but this is beyond my knowledge.. what if we add an navigation to it.. like when you search an item and click the "Shop Name" there will be a navigation to the location of seller?.. i think this will make searchstore better.. have a great day 😄
  4. yes i am using that version.. i did fix some nullpo error on that version before.. but on this one im really having a hard time configuring how to fix it.. here is the link.. https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/tree/d34df93e14582b1c2ad43763666d674b7e8440ca i am looking for a stable version of our hercules to run a pure pre-renewal that has random option and mob that can drop random option item.. and this v2019.05.05 version of hercules i just manually updated it by reading on the PR and apply it one by one..
  5. please help me how do i fix this nullpo error after killing an mvp monster
  6. i was using the hercules where added the support for monster to drop random option, please can anyone point me to the file where i can fix this error when compiling.. https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/commit/d34df93e14582b1c2ad43763666d674b7e8440ca EDIT : i have fix the error and warnings..
  7. how did you manage to change the ITEMID into ITEMNAME?.. and also i'd like to change the cardslot showing CardPrefix instead of ITEMID..
  8. just go to your Hercules-stable\conf\map\battle and look for player.conf
  9. here's what you are looking for.. and don't forget to open the readme file and follow the instruction carefully. this will do good.. wish you good luck https://herc.ws/board/topic/16607-ragnarok-offline-newbie-pack-2021-make-your-ro-server-in-less-then-5-minutes/#comments
  10. the plugin isn't working i was using 2018-04-18 client.. thanatos still drop a card from bloody branch
  11. yes i am using 2015 client.. does it mean there's no way to fix it using 2015 client with creating a new account?. hmmm which client do you prefer to avoid this kind of issue?.
  12. i get this after i change my character gender, and this message appear when i try to login.. i can't find any answer in the web so i posted here..so that anyone know how to fix this can help,, and let the others know when they get this kind of trouble..
  13. hi annie good day.. is there any alternative link to this?? i found it
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