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  1. that is data file info, try to check your lua files or lub files
  2. can anyone confirm why malangdo enchant weapon not working i have tried to enchant my lvl 4 weapon and i also have seagod anger and silvervine fruit and a-class coins
  3. Can anyone give me the link of that msgstringtable.txt thanks in advance
  4. i have also info about the Bifrost (mora town) include the NPC locations and Kagerou Oboro Skills Items Etc etc
  5. unknown

    Mora Gear

    Do We have now the items and equips in mora town can you give me the itemdb and iteminfo of that items and equips thanks in advance.
  6. is this LOTS or the first version of RO2
  7. All Servers: 20:30 to 5:30 (GMT +1 Spanish) Common Patch: - Episode 15.2: Fixed a bug in the dungeon instance [Last Room]. - Episode 15.2: Fixed a bug with the adventure [Vestiges]. - Article [Luxe Anima Runestones] that did not allow any trasancción and now will only add to the stock of the clan is changed. - In the instance 'Horror Toy Factory' the amount of monsters 'Guard Spirits Factory' is set. - Item description is updated [blacksmith's Blessing]. # Additional Information # Attempt to refine 7 -> 8 is required: 1 pc. Attempt to refine 8 -> 9 is necessary: 2 pcs. Attempt to refine 9 -> 10 is needed: 4 pcs. Attempt to refine 10 -> 11 is needed: 7 Pcs. Attempt to refine 11 -> 12 is needed: 12 pcs. ※ 12 only are used when trying to refine it. Mains Servers: - The letters change event starts. -> Period: 08/01/2013 to 15/01/2014 Day maintenance. - There is a new adventure into the realm of hand 룬 미드 가츠. -> In the source prontera [Goose Feather Collector] appears. Please actively participates in the event the server to return the special feathers. Ziu NoTE: -> The article is [blend of Feathers]. -> Is obtained with Articles [Costume: Valkyrie Feather Hat, Costume: Silver Question Mark, Costume: Golden Question Mark, Costume: Exclamation Mark Silver, Costume: Golden Exclamation Mark). - A new clan for adventurers is added. -> From the source of prontera Turn to 07:00 to find the clan master building and start the subscription. Ziu NoTE: The new clan is known as (Jump Clan A, B, C or D) - Sale Ends Ore Smelting Box VI -> At the time the event ends article [sealed Scroll Turtle General]. - World map (Ctrl + `) is updated. -> Locating new world map is added to the general. -> Function is added to find monsters and NPC. -> It can display the map of the world in the navigation system. -> The path the airship the world map (* Please note does not show the actual position of the consultation airship) is displayed. Sakray Server: - The storage system is added to clans. -> In Prontera, Payon, Geffen and Aldebaran will be available near the Kafra. - HP limit homunlucos is set. - Item [Elven Bow] refined not correctly applied the bonus damage and was lower than normal and this phenomenon will be corrected. - The ability [Assassin Cross of Sunset] by Adrenaline Rush applied to Two Hand Quicken and this phenomenon will be corrected. - A registration window is added to see the full details of the items you sell / or purchases. Ziu NoTE: Easy easy project for Part-1 Credits to Ziu
  8. yeah, i need it too also.... thanks if you share it with us here in hercules.
  9. did you know this? use ms 2010 for hercules-9.sln use ms 2011 for hercules-10.sln use ms 2012 for hercules-11.sln use ms 2013 for hercules-12.sln hope i help you.
  10. Korean to ascii langauge only and vice versa
  11. just execute the 2 sql files in your db or just follow the command type: 'sql update skip <filename>' sql update skip 2013-15--00--06.sql
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