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  1. Can anyone please update this? Map server crashing when using the duplicateremove Thread 1 "map-server" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. script_free_code (code=0xfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfd) at script.c:4199 4199 if (code->instances)
  2. Just like in rA's https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/7291 can we also have this feature? It would benefit a lot of players.
  3. No it doesnt remove the cooldown. try it with the latest herc.
  4. Can we have a option where Emergency Call Cooldown is remove after relogging? Currently we only have, Option 0: logging off will not continue the cooldown count. Option 1: Logging off and logging in will reset the Cooldown back to 5minutes Option 2: Logging off will continue the cooldown count. Maybe add option 4: Logging off will remove the Cooldown.? Thanks!
  5. If the bindatcommand level is higher than the player level. it will not show
  6. Any bg mode will not give reward if i change the reward from bg_common.txt but when I added the nameid == "my_custom_id" in extendedBG.c bg_team_rewards function it works.
  7. Custom headgear sprite and custom garment sprite have different method of adding sprite. you can check the guide here
  8. Hello, it is currently not giving any reward. no map-server error can anyone please share fix?
  9. rans


    Hi, can you give me a hint of whats the function name of it in src? thanks!
  10. rans


    Hello, The script is ignoring the skill delay, it will spam the skill regardless of the cooldown. Possible to add check before using skill?
  11. Please show the solution here. it might help others in the future.
  12. There's a bug in @autoattack. for some reason if you change map while in the state of autoattack you will get a client error message. saying missing sprite or something. Using 2016 02 03 client. im not sure in other newer client. Maybe add a delay before moving the char when you change map? Thanks!
  13. rans

    Restriction to @item

    Thanks!, i'll try this later
  14. Can i request for @item restriction for example you cannot @item certain items. I have written a script that will return true/false but it doesnt work if the user input item Constant. https://pastebin.com/bvYqDXhB function script NoItemProduce { .input = atoi(getarg(0)); setarray(.disabledItems,501,512,503); if(array_exists(.disabledItems,.input) ){ dispbottom("This item is not available for item producing",C_RED); return true; } return false; }
  15. Is there anyway to force a client into 60fps? I'm using 20160203 client. at first login i will get 60fps. but when i move around map. I will get frame drop then the fps will be cap for 30fps. Sometimes when i "alt-tab" (clicking outside the window) and then alt-tab into game the fps will get 60 again. but after moving around it will drop to 30. Tested on maps like prontera,morroc and other payon fields. I've tried to use D3D HAL and my GPU. but same result EDIT: im using 1600x900 resolution. but i tried to use 800x600 resolution. seems to be not dropping frame on lower resolution. EDIT #2: this issue only happens for window mode, not for fullscreen
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