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  1. Hi, I tried changing the auction system fee per hour from the default 12000 to 600 by changing this in misc.conf: // Auction system, fee per hour. Default is 12000auction_feeperhour: 600 But nothing seemed to be changing in game. I've both rebooted and recompiled the server. Is there a step I'm missing or is this just a bug?
  2. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be compiling with herc.
  3. Hi guys, I'm doing a quest where players would be able to learn steal on a particular map. But I'm having problem removing them, not sure what the command is. I've added the skill to the players (if they don't already have 'Steal') using: skill 1001,1,0; The question is, how do I remove them? EDIT: Actually the code above to give players skill doesn't seem to work (no errors).
  4. I'm looking to do an in-game mail that players will receive upon completing a quest. Not sure if that method would be the best way to do so.
  5. Hi there, Does anyone know how to or has a template for me to send mail to players using NPC script? Thanks in advance.
  6. I'm using client version 20130807.
  7. This is what I've tried to change before ... nothing happens. Also, the default skill description in here doesn't seem to match the one in the game. Musical strike skill that I currently have in-game for example doesn't seem to have details on how it improves every level while in the lua files it has the level details on it.
  8. Hi guys, I just came back to RO in a long while. I can't seem to find where the skill description is located. Where should I edit the skill description? Thanks in advance, ShadowLight
  9. Hi all, I have an event where players have to hunt a range of different mobs. Players will be rewarded with zeny for killing the mob the first time. Nothing will happen the following time he/she kills the mob if he already killed it in the last 6 days. After 7 days, the player can claim the reward again by killing the same mob(s). Instead of having a ton of variable storing for each mobs, is there a better way of storing and using this information? Thanks, ShadowLight
  10. Hey Dastgir, I'm interested with your services. Sent you a PM last week. Let me know if you're available.
  11. Hi all, It has been awhile since I last edited the memo restriction. I'm planning to remove restriction of /memo on certain map, where does the config file located? Thanks in advance, ShadowLight
  12. Hey guys, I hoping to change these texts (red box): Where can I find each of them (all 7)? Thanks in advance, ShadowLight
  13. Yes, I did that. I even rebooted my computer.
  14. Hey guys, I want to change the fee per hour in auction so I changed the following line in misc.conf: // Auction system, fee per hour. Default is 12000auction_feeperhour: 600 but it is still set to 12000. Is it a bug or is there a step I'm missing? I tried a full server reset and recompile but it is still set to default. Looking forward to your help. Thanks in advance, ShadowLight
  15. I used google free ones but it didn't work within RO.
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