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Found 2 results

  1. My whosell and whobuy plugins are suddenly not working and I cannot figure out what the problem is. Whenever I use an @command (including @commands) it causes the map server to load: [info]: sample_packet0f3: Hello World! received 0xf3 for 'Wolfeh', redirecting! [info]: Created Appended sockt->session[] data, 1313 19 20 118 [info]: Created Appended map_session_data data, 1313 19 20 82 Then after a few seconds it loads: [Warning]: clif_parse: Received unsupported packet (packet 0x27dc (0x6a04), 6 bytes received), disconnecting session #3. I found similar code in the HPM Custom Packets section of the wiki though I don't understand why this code would be coming in to play when none of my plugins have anything to do with packets. I get no errors when compiling. These also work completely fine on my server (Debian), it's my test server (Windows 10) that is having this problem. Edit: Seems to be the HPMHooking, I tried disabling just the whobuy and whosell and it was still causing this error, then disabled HPMHooking and the error has stopped. How to fix?
  2. I wonder if the script commands work in the source. On the body of a skill can use a "month", for example? If you can not, how can I use these commands in the source or where I find?
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