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  1. I create a custom skill for homunculus and work correctly with id 8044. The problem is that with id 8045 forth, the skills not are shown in tree of skills of homunculus. I went on src/common/mmo.h and changed of: #define MAX_HOMUNSKILL 43 for: #define MAX_HOMUNSKILL 48 Not generated none erro in the compilation nor in emulator but even so the skill no is showed. I would like to know if exist something to do for increase this limit.
  2. @@Oxxy. I managed to solve, but when I type the word near the npc, nothing happens. Solved, i had forgotten to set up with pcre. Thanks.
  3. The image describes the error. @Edit I managed to solve PS: When I type the word near the npc, nothing happens.
  4. @@Mhalicot i followed his advice and did not work. I did that way and now the error is smaller: #include <stdio.h>#include <stdlib.h>#include <string.h> #define COMMON_HPMI_H //Added#define MAP_SCRIPT_H //Added#define MAP_PC_H //Added#define HPM_DATA_CHECK_H //Added#ifndef HPM_DATA_CHECK_H //Added #include "../common/HPMi.h"#include "../map/script.h"#include "../map/pc.h"#include "../common/HPMDataCheck.h" Error: addrid.c(136): fatal error C1004: unexpected end-of-file found What would this error?
  5. Error compiling plugins with the latest revision of Hercules. I tried to adapt but I did not succeed Plugin addrid: Image of error: Ps: It worked before
  6. I implemented a label as in the example below: https://github.com/MrKeiKun/Hercules/commit/a7280f7e1e1f3f78288d60df0fd7b77748c63fc7 The aim was to display a message when the character is attacking. Ps: It works, but is only displayed when the target dies. How can I make her be exbida when the char attacking or when selecting the target? The call of label is implemented here: clif.c: if( battle_config.idletime_criteria & BCIDLE_ATTACK ) npc->script_event(sd, NPCE_ATTACK); //Here sd->idletime = sockt->last_tick; unit->attack(&sd->bl, target_id, action_type != 0);
  7. Very very thank. It is very valuable, I will study hard. Very very thank. It is very valuable, I will study hard.
  8. Hi guys! Would you like to learn more about the source, could explain to me what siginica these variables? sd fd bl val &sd
  9. Thank @@Angelmelody, the implementations are in pc.c.
  10. Thank @@Angelmelody but to stay perfect, how can I find the implementation of OnPCKillEvent? Ps: I tried to search for these labels in every files and not i found. The reason is to base myself in this implementation to create others.
  11. Which files change, to add new labels and where I find the implementation of existing? example: OnPCKillEvent Ps: I found the statements, but not i found the implementations.
  12. @@Dastgir Could you give an example for me to understand better? Thanks!
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