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  1. Managed to get it working today, pretty sure I wrote it like this before (maybe I just thought I did) but it decided to work. gmcas,40,47,3 script HP Checker 1_M_04,{ .@mobGID = areamonster("gmcas",44,36,50,40,"Poring",PORING,1); .@hp = getunitdata(.@mobGID,UDT_HP); mes "[HP Checker]"; mes "This mob has "+.@hp+" HP."; close; } Edit: Also realized in my original script that I was misreading it, and the mob simply wasn't "true" for the check.
  2. I've been mulling over this script for a while now and can't get this section of it to work: getunitdata($@mobgid,UDT_HP,.@hp); if (.@hp > 3000000 && .@hp < 4900000) donpcevent("#testing::OnStart1"); else if (.@hp > 10000 && .@hp < 2500001) donpcevent("#testing::OnStart2"); If I comment out the HP check lines, it works 100% fine. I've tried UDT_HP and UDT_MAXHP, this script also uses setunitdata which has been working just fine with the mob's HP (same variable and everything, it is used before this part of the script). I've also tried: .@hp = getunitdata($@mobgid,UDT_HP);, as well as skipping the variable and just using UDT_HP, and that didn't work either.
  3. I just realized with the Novice Criatura Academy quest, when speaking to Hun, when you click the nav link to go to [the Academy building] (linked to: Academy Receptionist iz_ac01,100,39), navigation gives an error and no arrows appear. It can navigate to mobs on different maps (poring), navigate to another map, but when trying to navigate to an NPC it gives: Navigation >: Failed to set info for location! I'm guessing this is a client issue, anyone know the fix? I'm using 2017-05-17aRagexeRE client and these luas.
  4. Add the NEMO patch "Disable packet encryption". The cursor bug means you need your cursors.spr updated, the new cursor will show a crossed out circle when you mouse over models or unwalkable tiles. A custom cursor sprite may need to be updated with these frames. The patch "Use custom aura limits" currently does not work/is bugged and produces the bug you are describing.
  5. Thanks so much! We had a custom cursor that was designed for older clients. We'll stick with the default for now.
  6. My client version is 2017-05-17 and I'm using updated Nemo for diffs. Whenever someone mouses over a building, tree, or other model, the cursor disappears. Is this a setting in the LUA's, a client thing, or...?
  7. When I create a Doram I get failed to connect to server, but then I can log back in and log on to the character just fine. Any ideas as to what may be causing this? I'm using Secret's updated NEMO patches. I get no errors server side so it is strictly client. 2017-05-17 and these are my NEMO patches: Fixed (thanks to ossi0110, changed loc of starting items to 0 so they start in inventory):
  8. We're having an issue with our Thor Patcher where every time I push a patch through it seems to re-patch an old version of a file, and just that one file. I have to make another patch afterwords with the correct version of the file and then everything is fine until I put in another patch, causing the client to error. We have 100+ patches could that cause it? Do I just need to remake the GRF? We're using version:
  9. Thank you!! Took me a bit of fiddling but I was able to work it out thanks to your informative post. End solution: In script: .@r = rand(5); getitem(.Prize[.@r]), .PrizeAmt[.@r]; At the end of script: OnInit: setarray(.Prize[0], Branch_Of_Dead_Tree, Fantastic_Cooking_Kits, Old_Violet_Box, Battle_Manual, Bloody_Dead_Branch, Guarana_Candy); setarray(.PrizeAmt[0],25,5,5,1,1,1);
  10. Yes and they pull from the same source/repository and I get no errors when building (such as that it cannot access a file or could not build a file). I confused which plugins I had commented and I think now it's an outdated plugin, does anyone see what's wrong? I can't see it, but it is this particular plugin... [REMOVED contacting the dev who made the plugin]
  11. I'm trying to make a random reward that keeps the amount in the amount array. I've tried several variations/methods and this is the closest I have gotten: setarray .Prize[1],604,12129,617,12208,12103,12414; setarray .Prize[2],25,5,5,1,1,1; getitem .Prize[rand(getarraysize(.Prize))],.Prize[2]; This actually doesn't work, .Prize[1] in place of the rand command works, only getting the first values in each array, but as soon as I put the rand in there it won't get the .Prize[1] array. It says in map-server: [Error]: buildin_getitem: Nonexistant item 5 requested. [Debug]: Source (NPC): Disguise Event at quiz_02 (303,259) Item 5 being from .Prize[2], it just skips .Prize[1].
  12. My whosell and whobuy plugins are suddenly not working and I cannot figure out what the problem is. Whenever I use an @command (including @commands) it causes the map server to load: [info]: sample_packet0f3: Hello World! received 0xf3 for 'Wolfeh', redirecting! [info]: Created Appended sockt->session[] data, 1313 19 20 118 [info]: Created Appended map_session_data data, 1313 19 20 82 Then after a few seconds it loads: [Warning]: clif_parse: Received unsupported packet (packet 0x27dc (0x6a04), 6 bytes received), disconnecting session #3. I found similar code in the HPM Custom Packets section of the wiki though I don't understand why this code would be coming in to play when none of my plugins have anything to do with packets. I get no errors when compiling. These also work completely fine on my server (Debian), it's my test server (Windows 10) that is having this problem. Edit: Seems to be the HPMHooking, I tried disabling just the whobuy and whosell and it was still causing this error, then disabled HPMHooking and the error has stopped. How to fix?
  13. I think the mob.c and mob.h source edits need to be updated, recently updated my repository and while there were no changes to the original line, upon applying the Gramps diff all mobs gave 0 exp. Upon reverting it, it went back to normal. Edit: Nevermind, I derped.
  14. Not sure if this is a thing, but does the 2015 client have custom job support? I'm getting constant crashing on char select, no error just crash, but when using a 2014-04-16, while there is also a lot of crashing and resource errors (which looks like two folder paths combined, hex/patch error?), it will sometimes let me through and when it does, works just fine (see screenshot). I typically have to wait a long time after getting the error, and then it might let me through. It's quite strange. Using client 2015-05-13.
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