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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Community! That's my first server. I just put my server online on a host, but for some reason, my patch doesn't connect to char selection screen, it does log in correctly, you can select the server and click on 'ok botton', but it doesn't load the character selection screen, idk why, can someone please help me? I'll upload a screenshot of my clientinfo.xml! Thanks a lot! OBS: In LocalHost it runs normally!!! PrintSreen of clientinfo.xml: Selecting the server normally: Long waiting for Character Selection Screen: Cant Connect! Host:
  2. Primeiramente, desculpas se abri o tópico no lugar errado. Alguém pode me ajudar com esse erro? Ao fazer login, aparece a tela pra escolher qual servidor, e quando "entra" aparece "Recusado pelo servidor." e o seguinte erro no "login-server". AQUI. A versão do meu hexed: 2015-11-04 E estou usando a ultima versão do Hercules. mmo.h Agradeço a todos.
  3. Hi guys, It's been 10 years or so since I setup a RO server and so many things have changed that I'm a little bit lost here. I'm trying to setup a basic server under a CentOS 6.6 server and so far I can actually launch it with no errors or warnings. The client side is far from done but at least I can connect to a test server in my Windows 7 desktop. The problem is that the same client (changing the IP address in clientinfo.xml of course) doesn't connect to my Linux server. It does nothing. It just tells me Failure to connect" a while after entering my username and password (not using user #1). BTW my Linux server is running in a VMWare ESXi virtual box and the client is 2013-12-23 Here are the contents of some relevant files: conf/import/login_conf.txtbind_ip: 6900account.engine: autoaccount.sql.db_hostname: 3306account.sql.db_username: hercules1234account.sql.db_password: mypasswordaccount.sql.db_database: hercules1234_rag conf/import/char_conf.txtuserid: hercules1234passwd: mypasswordserver_name: Herculeslogin_ip: 6900char_ip: 6121start_point: new_1-1,53,111 conf/import/map_conf.txtuserid: hercules1234passwd: mypasswordchar_ip: 6121map_ip: 5121 conf/import/inter_conf.txtsql.db_hostname: 3306sql.db_username: hercules1234sql.db_password: mypasswordsql.db_database: hercules1234_ragchar_server_ip: 3306char_server_id: hercules1234char_server_pw: mypasswordchar_server_db: hercules1234_ragmap_server_ip: 3306map_server_id: hercules1234map_server_pw: mypasswordmap_server_db: hercules1234_raglog_db_ip: 3306log_db_id: hercules1234log_db_pw: mypasswordlog_db_db: hercules1234_loglog_login_db: loginloguse_sql_db: no conf/subnet.confsubnet: src/common/mmo.h#ifndef PACKETVER //#define PACKETVER 20141022 #define PACKETVER 20131223#endif // PACKETVER Any clues? I've checked the ports on the server and it's listening on all 3 RO ports so that's open. What am I missing? Thanks!!!!! hmm... seems I've forgotten to open specific ports in the iptables. Followed this guide: http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/Network/IPTables
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