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Found 4 results

  1. -eAthena Ragnarok Online Server Emulator. eAthena 2014.12.20 -eAthena Ragnarok Online Server Emulator. eAthena r15269 -Compiled with Visual Studio -Compiled By: BURAOT + Icons https://github.com/MAXBURAOT/eAthena-2014/releases https://github.com/MAXBURAOT/eAthena-r15269/releases eAthena r15269.7z - Use 2012-07-02aRagexeRE eAthena 2014.12.20.7z - Use 2012-07-02aRagexeRE
  2. Hello Hercules, I am asking on behalf of somebody. Our server wants to move its database to Hercules. We are a very old server, still running eAthena. I'm unsure of the logistics, but our server's database is very large. The server has racked up 7-8 years of data. We have already begun moving all our scripts, soon we want to move server info like accounts and stuff. Please, I am looking for any advice. I'm a little scared something will go horribly wrong. I'm not hugely clued in on the operation, but the conversion/upgrade is the SQL database and such where account, char info, etc. is stored. Thank you.
  3. Hello! There is my Zabbix monitoring template for *athena-based servers. It gathers data from your Linux server and MySQL database and sends it to Zabbix. It checks: - login server port check - login/char/map server perfomance - mysqld server perfomance - online players count - total zeny count - Configure Zabbix Server 1. Import the template file into Zabbix frontend (Configuration -> Templates -> Import). 2. Link the Athena template to your host to be monitored. - Configure Zabbix Agent 1. Open your zabbix_agend.conf and add two lines: UserParameter=total.zeny,mysql -uroot -ppassword -D hercules_main -s -N -e 'SELECT SUM(zeny) from `char`'UserParameter=total.online,netstat -n | grep ':5121' | wc -l Where root - is your MySQL username, password - your MySQL password and hercules_main - your emulator's database. 2. Restart your zabbix-agent (/etc/init.d/zabbix-agent restart) And you can see it in your Zabbix frontend: Please post your comments and suggestions in order to make it better. Download link
  4. Hello! I have moved some modifications of map server from old revision of eAthena (14399:14923M) to eAthena (from eAmod) I am use 2010-07-30aRagexeRE. When I dropping item to the floor - inventory indicates that an item has not dropped. When I get a dropped item from the floor - inventory says, that I have 2 items: When I do @refresh - the number of items becomes normal. I thing, there is something wrong in source files of map-server, but i can't find this bug. Can you help me? Maybe some functions do not work? P. S. Sorry for my english.
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