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Found 2 results

  1. RAGP Extractor About Rudimentary command-line tool to extract RAGP files (such as the assets in Ragnarok: Valkyrie Uprising). Usage unragp <file> Extracts <file> into current directory. Known Issues Because I wrote it on a whim to check out Ragnarok: Valkyrie Uprising game resources, there are no error messages. Either the program ends in OK or NG. Download Find attached. Source for reference: https://github.com/ai4rei/unragp License CC0 1.0 Universal 2021-12-27ragp-1.0.zip
  2. If anyone want to join this project, tell me or tell to Yommy -= xDiffPatcher =- Download xDiffPatcher This is our Next-Generation Diff Patcher, it requires a new style of diff file called xDiff, (xml based) each xdiff is specific for a single ragexe, and will not work on any other ragexe date. xDiff files are created with the xDiffGen software below. There is a recent build in the directory : xDiffPatcherbinDebug Source is included if anyone wants to improve somethings --------------------------------------------------- All the following software need to use php language. Please install it on your computer. This is CommandLine PHP, Do not attempt to run these scripts in a web browser We would recommend using Subversion since these projects are frequently updated with new features. - Linux : sudo apt-get install php5 - Windows : install this http://windows.php.net/download/#php-5.4 Open your control panel and search : Edit environment variable for your account In this Windows, the second part (title System variables), search the variable Path Enter your PHP directory at the end, including ';' before (e.g. ;C:php) Now search your php.ini files Uncomment the line extension=php_sockets.dll (you have to remove the char ';') -= xDiffGen 2 =- Download xDiffGen2 To use that software, you have to put the decrypted exe in the Clients folder and open the file DiffGen.bat Then select the first option (0 - Local client folder), select your exe and the xDiff will be create in the Diffs folder some patches also extract some data (msgstringtables, packet_lengths, etc), these are put into the Extracted_Data folder Options 2 and 3 do not fully work as intended, since gravity are distributing new clients with Themida protection /sadface Options M and F are used to test a single patch against all clients to detect when some patterns fails (again not working with themida clients) -= Packet Parser =- Download PacketParser To use that software you have to place ws2_pp.dll from the dev folder, into your RO folder. Then hex edit your Ragexe.exe : search ws2_32.dll and replace the both occurrences by ws2_pp.dll Next you should extract the packetlength file using Packet Extract, And place it into packet parserdatapacket Next, open the parser.bat, choose Live Network Capture, choose your packet length tables file, and choose full_info Then open your Ragexe.exe (if done correct you will be prompted to use PacketParser) Enjoy -= Packet Extract =- Download this is a subscript of PacketParser above All you have to do here is to place your Ragexe.exe in the folder clients, with a pattern like this : 2013-05-22Ragexe.exe Open Packet_Extract.bat, select your exe Your Packet Data Length is now in the plens folder All credits to Yommy I just worked personally on the xDiffGen2 patches. We are open for anyone who wants to help with any of these projects. they are designed to be edited and hacked about with, and hope you can find some use with them
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