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  1. Avaible here : http://k3dt.eu/Ragexe/unpacked/Diffs/
  2. Why do you want to move it in the data folder ? If the client doesn t find it in the data folder, it will search it in the grf without changing anything. Moving it to the data folder will just make you crazy bc u will have to keep it up to date each time gravity will change the struct of the file. Best lesson : don t put any lub files in your data folder that you are sure u will not manually change it
  3. Use the diff patch disable packet encryption packet 0x970 doesn't exist at all
  4. Some langtype can not enforce login background Just use another langtype
  5. Fixed in last version Download the diff file again
  6. New patch : Remove GM Sprites Thank to Shag to post that topic, i added the seach pattern @simplexjay2 Just try do download again the diff files
  7. Yup and since we have a packet encryption on hercules, harmony is useless now except to have mac adress. But buy 200$ for that u_u
  8. Not really, because you deleted the folder, your client will read the kro one
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