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[WIP] ZenkaiCP - Extraordinary Modern Control Panel.

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Hello everyone,


Before I'm explaining about ZenkaiCP I like to Introduce my self

My name is Sinji, I am a professional Web Developer, I'm working at professional branding company at Medan, Indonesia. I'm very like to play ragnarok online, since junior high class, then I build my own private server, suddenly I have an idea to develop a control panel, with a responsive design. Honestly fluxCP is very good control panel, but the theme templating design is a little outdated, and non-responsive, need a lot of effort to templating the theme. That's why I want to develop a new CP.


I am developing a new control panel which will be compactible with rAthena and Hercules. While I'm working on the development, I would like if you guys give me some feedback.

I will post some updates with screenshot later, please be patient! :)


The Project Name : ZenkaiCP



  • PHP Framework Laravel 5.1.
  • HTML5, Javascript with jQuery, CSS3 for theme templating.
  • Bootstrap Framework
  • Responsive & Mobile Friendly
  • PHP 5.6 required (and other Laravel dependencies).
  • Clean Design
  • SEO Friendly


Feature Plan:

  • Account Feature (Register, Login, Forgot Password, Account Setting)
  • Content Management System
  • Theme Configuration System
  • Friendly Log UI
  • News & Events
  • Custom Patcher Notice Generator (Stream the content from News & Events)
  • Vote for Points
  • Donation Section (Automatically convert to cash or zeny)
  • Paypal Integration (For International user)
  • Stripe Integration (For International user)
  • Doku MyShorcart Integration (For Indonesia user)
  • Player of the Month
  • Guild of the Month
  • Player, Guild, Mercenary Rangking (Zenkai Custom Formula )
  • Support Ticket
  • Monster Info (load item_db and item_db2, SQL only)
  • Item Info (load mob_db and mob_db2, SQL only)
  • Freebies Feature
  • Contact Us form.
  • Live Chat Support (using tawk.to)
  • Register with Facebook, G+ or Twitter
  • GM Task List
  • ROBrowser Integration
  • Auto Update

This is current plan of the development, but if you have some idea / request, please let me know. :D


Please do not hesitate to give me a feedback, wheter it is a good feedback or not.



Sorry if my English are bad :lol:


Best regards,

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I would like to see preview or some kind of demo, before commenting anything about the features :P

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I would really love to create something like this. But I can only handle CakePHP 2.x Frameworks as of the moment.
Anyone interested? Have been able to setup a private server before (with a  team).

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