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Found 13 results

  1. Greetings everyone, Today I'm introducing a project that I've been envisioning and working on for a couple of months, a control panel developed using Laravel (currently v5.8) that has quite a few advanced features that no other panel has offered before. Feature Insight Bootstrap Responsive Design The panel by default will come with one bootstrap-based responsive design that is elegant, light coloured and adjusts to screens of all sizes. The panel is also capable of supporting custom themes. Master Account System Create and manage all your game accounts in any server from one main web-account. Passwords of the master accounts are hashed using bcrypt to ensure safety for all registered users. ROGen Adapted from @KeyWorld's ROChargen, a library in php that extracts images from sprites and uses resources inside data folders (and not grf files). With the help of this library images of headgears, skill icons, illustrations, item images, monsters and mini maps are can be generated and displayed on web pages. Complete Database Libraries Using a library with conversions of information in the client folder, the website incorporates in-game information such as skill and item descriptions, quest information and much more. Character Overview The character overview page is an important part of a user's experience. With the features mentioned above, we're able to display alot of information about one's in-game characters on the fly. User Profiles Additionally, something that's never been seen before in RO CMS or Panels are public user profiles. The ability of a user to view another user's in-game information through the control panel. Customisable Email Templates Administration Section The demo for this site is live and available at - http://bladecp.xyz ID: [email protected] Pass: abcdef How do I gain access to this awesome panel? PM me on discord @Sxyz#0202! To get in touch or check out updates on this project, join my discord channel @ https://discord.gg/pWgZHzx
  2. Flux Control Panel for Hercules Flux CP is now officialy available for Hercules! It is fully working with both pre-Renewal and Renewal Hercules servers. We will continue developing it, so it is always up-to-date and compatible with latest Hercules. New theme Hercules' Flux CP comes with a brand new theme. It's a grey-ish modern and clean HTML5 theme, called Emphaino. It has a nice dropdown menu located on top of the screen, and a customizable footer area, where you can put some stuff that should be visible all the time (like links to social media, forums etc.). A picture is worth a thousand words: It's a HTML5 theme, so it requires a decent browser, or IE9+ (if you insist on using that). Theme selection Having two themes is great, but until now it was impossible to make use of them both. That's why theme selector has been added to both themes, so your users can pick whichever theme they like more. Again, preview: Extra credits Authors of original FluxCP & FluxCP-rA. Authors of Emphaino theme (originally for Wordpress). Download Hercules' FluxCP Github repository: https://github.com/HerculesWS/FluxCP Issues Bug reports, questions and suggestions are all welcome directly on GitHub: https://github.com/HerculesWS/FluxCP/issues Enjoy~
  3. New Control Panel Hey guys! So i'm building a new Control Panel for Herc. The code will use the same code as the Control Panel i built for rA. I will update both constantly. Currently, i havn't finished the new Update for the Control Panel for rA. Once that's done, i would modify it to work for Herc. As that update uses new code design. Which would make it much cleaner and developer friendly for module creators. Github I have made an organization which would contain all the Control Panels. The github repo would contain two Folders, rAthena and Hercules. Inside those folders would be .zip files of the Control Panels. [Click Me to Go to the Github Repo]
  4. Triton Control Panel 2 Triton is back! The second version of Triton (formerly Sereon) is currently under development. The project is currently labeled as alpha, but it is almost to the beta stage. As such I'm inviting all to try it. The control panel currently features basic functionality. You are able to create accounts, log in, change your password and email address, manage your characters and see who is online. Official Website: http://triton.sereon.net/ Demo: http://triton.sereon.net/demo/ (The demo is frequently used to test client skins and add-on functionality. It may not always function properly.) Live Demo: http://aesiro.com/ Purchase: Click Here (For a limited time use coupon code "Hercules" for 25% off your first year) Features [*]Written in PHP [*]Extensible via modules, hooks and plugins. [*]Content Management System¹ [*]Smarty enabled skinning system makes customizing the layout super easy. [*]Most features enabled through modules [*]Account Management [*]War of Emperium / Guild Info [*]Who's Online [*]IPB Integration¹ [*]Dynamically Generated Guild Emblems [*]Dynamically Generated Character Avatars³ [*]Payment System³: Items³, services³, levels³, character renames³ and more. [*]Payment APIs³: PayPal², Skrill² (Moneybookers), Google Checkout¹, Amazon Payments¹, Authorize.net¹ and more. [*]Vote for Points³ ¹ Not yet implemented or still a work in progress. ² Implemented but not yet public. ³ Feature is not free. Requirements [*]PHP (latest version recommended, 5.4.11 at the time of this post but should work with older versions) [*]Apache (Note: .htaccess must be enabled or you must configure all the options from them in httpd.conf) [*]Smarty [*]phpmailer (Instructions below) [*]Operating system should not matter [*]Officially Supported Athenas: Hercules, rAthena, eAthena Installation [*]Download Triton Control Panel from the website. [*]Upload it to your web server or if your server is local place it in your web directory. [*]Create a file called import.php in the sites root directory and place the following in it: <?php?> [*]Open config.php and review all the settings available. Any settings you want to change place into import.php. This will make upgrading the CP much easier. [*](*nix) Run the following from the sites root directory: chmod -R 777 db/chmod -R 777 scratch/chmod -R 777 skins/default/cache/chmod -R 777 skins/default/templates_c/ [*]Create a folder called phpmailer in the website root directory and place phpmailer in it. [*]Verify the setup by visiting the URL. [*]Create a copy of skins/default/ -- name the new folder whatever you like. [*]Configure the new skin by modifying the $config['skin'] variable. Remember to place your modifications in import.php. [*]Modify the skin to your liking. .tpl files are plain text template files. You can open them with notepad. See the smarty documentation for more information on skinning. You can reply here with feature requests, questions, comments and other suggestions.
  5. Version v5 @r99


    StarGames Control Panel is a Control Panel used for Private Ragnarok Online Servers. It's integrated with it's very own Community Board System, Self Locking System, Server Status, and a Bug Report / Contact System. Before installing Stargames Control Panel on your webhost, you need to make sure your webhost provider offers you: * PHP 5.2 * PDO and PDO-MYSQL extensions for PHP5 (including PHP_MYSQL support) * MySQL 5 * GD2 (for guild emblems and registration CAPTCHA) * Tidy (for cleaner HTML output) * Optional: mod_rewrite support for UseCleanUrls feature You can view this demo by going to this link: http://sgcp.hostei.com/index.php?act=idx
  6. File Name: StarGames Control Panel for Hercules 3rd Job File Submitter: OnNplay File Submitted: 30 Jul 2013 File Category: Web Resources StarGames Control Panel is a Control Panel used for Private Ragnarok Online Servers. It's integrated with it's very own Community Board System, Self Locking System, Server Status, and a Bug Report / Contact System. Before installing Stargames Control Panel on your webhost, you need to make sure your webhost provider offers you: * PHP 5.2 * PDO and PDO-MYSQL extensions for PHP5 (including PHP_MYSQL support) * MySQL 5 * GD2 (for guild emblems and registration CAPTCHA) * Tidy (for cleaner HTML output) * Optional: mod_rewrite support for UseCleanUrls feature You can view this demo by going to this link: http://sgcp.hostei.com/index.php?act=idx Click here to download this file
  7. Hello everyone, Before I'm explaining about ZenkaiCP I like to Introduce my self My name is Sinji, I am a professional Web Developer, I'm working at professional branding company at Medan, Indonesia. I'm very like to play ragnarok online, since junior high class, then I build my own private server, suddenly I have an idea to develop a control panel, with a responsive design. Honestly fluxCP is very good control panel, but the theme templating design is a little outdated, and non-responsive, need a lot of effort to templating the theme. That's why I want to develop a new CP. I am developing a new control panel which will be compactible with rAthena and Hercules. While I'm working on the development, I would like if you guys give me some feedback. I will post some updates with screenshot later, please be patient! The Project Name : ZenkaiCP Detail: PHP Framework Laravel 5.1. HTML5, Javascript with jQuery, CSS3 for theme templating. Bootstrap Framework Responsive & Mobile Friendly PHP 5.6 required (and other Laravel dependencies). Clean Design SEO Friendly Feature Plan: Account Feature (Register, Login, Forgot Password, Account Setting) Content Management System Theme Configuration System Friendly Log UI News & Events Custom Patcher Notice Generator (Stream the content from News & Events) Vote for Points Donation Section (Automatically convert to cash or zeny) Paypal Integration (For International user) Stripe Integration (For International user) Doku MyShorcart Integration (For Indonesia user) Player of the Month Guild of the Month Player, Guild, Mercenary Rangking (Zenkai Custom Formula ) Support Ticket Monster Info (load item_db and item_db2, SQL only) Item Info (load mob_db and mob_db2, SQL only) Freebies Feature Contact Us form. Live Chat Support (using tawk.to) Register with Facebook, G+ or Twitter GM Task List ROBrowser Integration Auto Update This is current plan of the development, but if you have some idea / request, please let me know. Please do not hesitate to give me a feedback, wheter it is a good feedback or not. Sorry if my English are bad Best regards,
  8. Hello! I am currently looking at different control panels and can't seem to find one that supports master accounts (web accounts that let you register and manage multiple in-game accounts). All control panels with this functionality seem to be dead and outdated. The account-management branch of Herc's FluxCP was last updated in 2013. I wanted to ask if there is some FluxCP module or other control panel that I am missing or do people just not use master accounts? Thank you!
  9. CORA™, formerly named as Taka Control Panel, is a FREE and Stand-alone Content Management System for your private ragnarok online websites! Easily change the contents of your site by accessing the admin panel. No need to open up a text editor and hassle yourself with the source code. You can even change themes or manage widgets in your website with just a few clicks! with CORA™ you can: Create/Update/Delete news and events with CKEditor Create/Update/Delete pages with CKEditor Easy navigation creation Easy users(players) management Easily Add/Edit/Remove widgets on your website Easily change into different themes ​ Easily manage your cash shop Easily manage your vote links and donate options Easily edit your settings View your characters with ROChargen View guild emblems View player/guild rankings View WoE Schedule View castle status Click for a video demonstration of CORA™ back when it was still in early development. DOWNLOAD Visit our website to download CORA™: http://cora.takaworks.net/ or you can clone it from github: https://github.com/takari1994/CORA Install guide is provided in our website. SCREENSHOTS Screenshot 01 | Screenshot 02 | Screenshot 03 | Screenshot 04 | Screenshot 05 | Screenshot 06 | Screenshot 07 Screenshot 08 | Screenshot 09 | Screenshot 10 | Screenshot 11 | Screenshot 12 | Screenshot 13 | Screenshot 14 NOTES Recent updates requires CORA to use some custom and ready-made scripts such as AnnieRuRu's PVP ladder. All required scripts will be included and placed in the `scripts` folder. DISCLAIMER CORA™ is currently in beta phase and does not provide warranty of any sort, including but not limited to, warranty of quality, performance, usability. You assume all risks associated with using the software. BUG REPORT & SUGGESTIONS Please submit your reports and suggestions as a reply to this thread or by sending an email to [email protected] Or if you have quick questions such as "does this support so and so" .. then yes you may ask, but if you need support regarding installation and what not, please send me a PM or perhaps I might start a support topic instead. SUPPORT US Also, please support us by liking us on facebook: http://facebook.com/takaworks and/or by donating. Any amount will be deeply appreciated. https--,,--//www.paypalobjects.com/en_US/i/btn/btn_donateCC_LG.gif[/url]] UPDATE CORA™ v0.9.4.2 BETA [Download] ​Added a `memory_limit` index in settings.php to increase/decrease memory allocation. Fixed some database and missing variable errors for eAthena users. Fixed the query in generate_profiles.sql. Potential Fix for the memory leak problem in logs module. Fixed missing images in cash shop checkout page. Fixed item weight in item database search. Fixed checkout spam, which will drain players' credits/vpoints, by disabling the pay button after submitting the form. Fixed ranking widget where a display glitch occurs when selecting the "Display Guild Only" option. Fixed the error in registration/account update where the birthday doesn't apply to the login table. Fixed registration/account update page where users can directly input birthday. Fixed an issue where admin is required to login w/ regular account to update other accounts. Added an option in account settings to allow/disallow username change. Added an option in account settings to allow/disallow birthday change. Added an option in account settings to custom username/password format error message. Added an option in general settings for "Construction Mode" to redirect users (Excluding admin) to a "Under Construction" page when enabled. Added support for item_db_re and item_db2. UPDATE: Admin can now change a player's username and password regardless of the settings. UPDATE: Admin can now change a player's credits and vpoints. Started to implement responsive design for dashboard for mobile content management (not yet finished/ongoing). CORA™ v0.9.4 BETA - changelogs CORA™ v0.9.3 BETA - changelogs CORA™ v0.9.2 BETA - changelogs CORA™ v0.9.1 BETA - changelogs CORA™ v0.9.0 BETA - changelogs https--,,--//i.creativecommons.org/l/by-nc-sa/4.0/88x31.png[/url]] CORA™ by Takaworks is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  10. CarlosHenrq


    Hello guys, i'm brAthena Project Developer (not core, of course) and for a few months i've worked on control panel for us (brAthena Community). I'm still working and i really have little time to develop, it causes lots commits (216 commits right now) and few features. But i'm happy to say it's almost released. So the features for the brACP are: ** Instalation (Need improve) ** reCAPTCHA (https://www.google.com/recaptcha/intro/index.html) ** Themes system **** Default theme has mobile support with CSS3 ** Language system **** We have only pt_BR translation file right now, but we are working on it. ** Cache control (memcache) **** Rankings (Yes, cache sql result prevent MySQL to many request [shiraz, brAthena, hint]), translation and translated files. ** Account management **** Login, Create, Recover **** Administration panel (Still working on it) **** Change pass and e-mail **** Reset appear, position and equipment, **** Donations system (PagSeguro, https://pagseguro.uol.com.br) ** User notification (e-mail) when: **** Create account, changes password or e-mail, for e-mail changes we create log. **** When donation changes status For this control panel, we've used: ** PHP 5.4+ (PHP 7+ not tested) ** Apache 2.4 (IIS not tested) **** mod_rewrite must be enabled ** MySQL 5.5+ (MySQL 7+ not tested) ** PHP Composer **** To install our dependences of course! And the frameworks or extensions we've used to make it works: ** Slim Framework v3.1.0 ** Smarty v3.1.29 ** Guzzle v6.1.1 ** Doctrine v2.4.2 ** SwiftMailer v5.4.1 ** PECL::MEMCACHE v3.0.8 (Optional, https://pecl.php.net/package/memcache) Live version? Here is: http://carloshenrq.com/brACP/ Note¹.: The current live version is 0.2.1-alpha Note².: Once a week i update the live version, so some features you won't find right now there... Beta version? https://github.com/carloshenrq/brACP/releases/tag/0.1.1-beta Note¹.: This portuguese version only and the version is 0.1.1-beta, the newer is not ready for beta test. GitHub Repository? Here is: https://github.com/carloshenrq/brACP Suggestions, Reviews or Contribute? Please, let me know! If you can post here https://github.com/carloshenrq/brACP/issues will be more easy for us all.
  11. Hello all, I have try to configure the cora but this will happen. My setting. <?php$settings = array( /* ------------------------------------------------------------------- * Directory Configuration * ------------------------------------------------------------------- * These configurations are used to identify the location of the both * application and system folders, relative to the index.php file. * The default configurations are as follows: * * 'app_path' => '../application', * 'sys_path' => '../system', * * If you moved both folders in the same level as your index.php file * change your configurations as shown below: * * 'app_path' => 'application', * 'sys_path' => 'system', * ------------------------------------------------------------------- */ 'app_path' => 'application', 'sys_path' => 'system', /* ------------------------------------------------------------------- * Basic Configuration * ------------------------------------------------------------------- * These configurations contains information regarding your website. * * base_url : This is the full url of your website pointing to the * index.php file, excluding the index.php itself. The * value should always end with a trailing slash. e.g: * * 'base_url' => 'http://ragnarokname.com/', * or * 'base_url' => 'http://ragnarokname.com/cora/', * * encrypt_key : This is a random 30-character alphanumeric string. * This is used to encrypt your sessions for security. * Example of this would be: * eMZxG9Mpjin05MBYje91NJL0cQaGrb * * You may use this tool for your convenience: * http://www.random.org/strings/ * * dev_mode : Turn off error reports by setting this to false. * * timezone : Timezone that your server uses. Please refer to this * guide for valid timezone values: * http://php.net/manual/en/timezones.php * ------------------------------------------------------------------- */ 'base_url' => 'http://localhost:8080/cp/', 'encrypt_key' => 'eMZxG9Mpjin05MBYje91NJL0cQaGrb', 'dev_mode' => true, 'timezone' => 'Asia/Kuala_Lumpur', /* ------------------------------------------------------------------- * Database Configuration * ------------------------------------------------------------------- * These configurations contains information regarding your MySQL DB. * * db_host : This is the IP of your MySQL database. e.g: * * db_user : Your database username. e.g: root * * db_pass : Your database password. * * db_name : Your `ragnarok` database or schema. e.g: ragnarok * * db_log_name : Your `log` database or schema. e.g: log * ------------------------------------------------------------------- */ 'db_host' => 'localhost', 'db_user' => 'ragnarok', 'db_pass' => 'ragnarok', 'db_name' => 'ragnarok', 'db_log_name' => 'ragnarok', /* ------------------------------------------------------------------- * ROChargen * ------------------------------------------------------------------- * Contains settings used by the ROChargen feature. * * use_iteminfo_lua : Set to true if you are using iteminfo.lua * instead of idnum2.txt files. Usually, this * is for for servers using the newer clients. * For clients 2012-07-10a and lower, as well * as RE 2012-04-10a and lower, set to false. * ------------------------------------------------------------------- */ 'use_iteminfo_lua' => true, /* ----------------------------------------------------------------- * * Extra Configurations * * ----------------------------------------------------------------- */ 'memory_limit' => '32M' // Change the PHP memory limit allocation. WARNING: Increasing this value may cause exhaustion in your server. Use at your own risk! ); Here my installation folder I try to click the account, cashshop, donate and other page but getting this result. SO the question, which part I miss configuration ?
  12. hai .. I use cp flux from https://github.com/HerculesWS/FluxCP i already install and success but.. how to make it.. I want, in the Control Panel, users only can access for registration, donation and detailed user account .. only admin can access all the functions of the control panel and how to change the theme I have tried many times but not successful thanks for the help I really appreciate it
  13. Hi all, i want to install, i have configure the application.php, servers.php the problem is when i want to install, its appear a folder on my webhost. someone can help me ? what should i do ? this is the picture.
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