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Adding a Custom Map Cache File


Hi Hercules members!

As we know, the last Hercules release (v2018.03.11) included the mapcache update.

Personally, I use WeeMapCache tool to add my custom map cache files. But now, WeeMapCache is useless because there is no map_cache.dat anymore on the new version of Hercules :(. 

I only know how to add my custom map cache files with WeeMapCache. Could someone tell me what other methods I could use now to add a custom map cache file? I hope they would be simple as with WeeMapCache.

Thank you,

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1st of all, sorry I only know windows environment -- windows sux !!

2nd, yeah I agree too, this took me 2 days to figure out how to do this

reference topic


make sure you already know how to install a plugin


yup ~ use the new method ~ ( maybe I should've remove the old method already ... )

and add "mapcache" to your "hercules\conf\plugins.conf"

Run command prompt

1. [Windows Key] + [R] -> type cmd


2. point to your Hercules emulator folder, and type mapserver.exe --help


3. type mapserver.exe --map <YourMap>


now that you know the commands ... lets do it easier way

Windows Execution File -- Create Shortcut
1. point to your map-server.exe, and create shortcut


2. right-click, Properties, and edit the Target Location/Target (this example is my hercules directory)

D:\Ragnarok\Hercules\map-server.exe --map <YourMap>


whenever I want to add new maps, I just need to edit the Target field, and double click the program ~ fast and easy ~

Fun Facts !!

do you know you can use GM command in map-server.bat ?


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Thank you very much @AnnieRuru for sharing these useful steps and making the long story short for us ;D

Now, I'm wondering where my custom map gat files should be in. After taking a look at different topics, it seems that it is something related to grf-files.txt, but I'm uncertain what changes I should make there. I would appreciate it if you could help me with that.

Also, thank you for the fun facts thing :).


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these steps are the same as rAthena,



// GRF Files
// Add as many as needed.
grf: D:\Ragnarok\client\rdata.grf
grf: D:\Ragnarok\client\data.grf

// Data Directory
// Use the base folder, not the data\ path.
data_dir: D:\Ragnarok\client\




arathi	1250


actually should do these steps before the above post

I assume many people know about this because .... after do these 3 steps, in rathena just have to click mapcache.bat



EDIT: for below -  wow, how much spoon feeding is weemapcache system ...

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2 hours ago, Grind said:

What are the pros and cons of this new mapcache update? I think the previous mapcache system is waaay better than this new system.

well, the new system have individual files.

You can just get the .mcache file and put in maps folder and it would work (provided you added map name in other required files, like map_index and maps.conf)

It's easier to track the changes, as if mapcache was updated before, you didn't know which all maps changed, but now you would get to know and without conflict , download the new update

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Depends on what you are doing. If you are only adding spawns, dynamic objects and waypoints, you only have to "Make Game" and then run the ALL spawn batch file. Then just take and rename the new .spawn.


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