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Ragnarok Offline Newbie Pack 2022 | Make your RO server in less then 5 minutes

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Hello anacondaq,

first thank you for continuing your work..

I follow your work since from rathena forum... so sad they hold you back.

Thank you, once again.


But, anyone ever cross this problem,

for Cram Job 4th?

Any solution for this error?


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Hey i got the server up and running, thank you!


Couple issues. Izlude map is a bit buggy. Cant get to the ship to go to Byalan Dungeon and can't get to the swordsman guild. Character stops at the bridge. There are other spots in the game that are a bit difficult to move around. Any suggestions? 


Also, there is no eden group. I can see theres some scripts for it. What do i need to do to turn that on? 


Thank you for your continued work with this game. 

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