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Change Equipment Skin

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got people ask how to do that ...
so I write a plugin for it

Download: 1.1

also need to add a file in conf/import/change_equipment_skin.conf

change_equipment_skin: (
	ItemID: 24001
	SkinID: 1238
//	Type: "LOOK_SHIELD"
//	ItemID: 24002
//	SkinID: 2101

When player equip a shadow weapon ID 24001, will show the weapon look 1238, which is Zeny_Knife

"@reloadequipmentskin" will reload this file ...


Note: yes, the clif->sendlook is extremely messy, I attempt to make this support change shield skin
but for dunno what reason, equip a shield telling the client changing LOOK_WEAPON ... WTF !!
if anybody knows how to make it support shield, I'm open to suggestion


- initial draft

- apply the libconfig format

- apply vector

0.4 - plugin
- shield are send as LOOK_WEAPON .... bullshit

1.0 - plugin
- release with just the weapon look

1.1 - plugin
- display a message for file not found
- fix memory leak on VECTOR_ENSURE


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