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  1. @Myriad Sorry for late response, was out on the weekend. I edited all of these but the messages still appear at 50% weight, the status icon and the effect are correctly displaying when at 70%. I'm thinking this can be attained thru src editing, but don't know how.
  2. Hello guys! Since there's: // The maximum weight for a character to carry when the character stops healing naturally. (in %) natural_heal_weight_rate: 70 Can I request for client mod that the lines: "HP/SP will not be restored when your carried...." & "Your HP/SP are now being restored.." will only appear when the char is at/from 70% weight. Additionally the weight in Alt+V will only color to red when at 70% weight. And another thing, is there a way to direct a usable item to a line in msgstringtable.txt when used? I made a custom Field Manual but it doesn't say in the chatbox anything like it is on the default Field Manual. Thank you!
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