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  1. If you can post the script maybe someone can help
  2. Have you enabled the plugin in conf/plugin.conf?
  3. jasonch


    Hi, you could start here or on wiki. Some info may be outdated but still viable to learn from and start making one.
  4. @jamesandreww I recommend hercules(or maybe im just biased). Reasons mentioned above still stand true today, though I disagree with rAthena having Advanced Modifications, you can do pretty much anything in C that C++ provides. But rAthena has larger community, so I guess that's one more advantage(or disadvantage) using rAthena emu.
  5. On top of my head: You can loop the timer with getmapxy in it. Or attach the timer on a hidden npc.
  6. It's not that. This is a non-profit open-source project and aims to be up-to-date and close to Kro while providing optimization and security. Sorry for sounding rude but you can freely modify the setup to fit your needs. Or port it, make a new emulator. Or look for aegis emu. Or look for the old eathena. Or download the earlier commits. You have the options.
  7. Did you try with normal account? Level 99 GM's skills are set to unconditional by default.
  8. Be sure to restart the server or use @reloadscript to apply your npc changes.
  9. Maybe there was something wrong with the conversion. Can you try using default skill_db.conf from Github to see?
  10. @Myriad Sorry for late response, was out on the weekend. I edited all of these but the messages still appear at 50% weight, the status icon and the effect are correctly displaying when at 70%. I'm thinking this can be attained thru src editing, but don't know how.
  11. Hello guys! Since there's: // The maximum weight for a character to carry when the character stops healing naturally. (in %) natural_heal_weight_rate: 70 Can I request for client mod that the lines: "HP/SP will not be restored when your carried...." & "Your HP/SP are now being restored.." will only appear when the char is at/from 70% weight. Additionally the weight in Alt+V will only color to red when at 70% weight. And another thing, is there a way to direct a usable item to a line in msgstringtable.txt when used? I made a custom Field Manual but it doesn't say in the chatbox anything like it is on the default Field Manual. Thank you!
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