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Hercules wiki migrated to a new platform

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Hello everyone,


As you may already have seen from the 2024.03 release notes in GitHub ( https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/releases/tag/v2024.03 ), Hercules' GitHub wiki has been moved to a new platform, powered by mkdocs and available at:





This change aims to make the Hercules documentation generally better since the mkdocs-powered documentation does bring a better navigation, search capabilities and editing options. With that we can, hopefully, cover the gap that many have felt after we switched from MediaWiki to GitHub Wiki, while also providing some extras (like the ability to easily have a local copy).


With the new mkdocs-powered document, we have: (compared to GH Wiki)

- A bit more control over the sections, no longer a single side bar with everything

- Extended markdown syntax for editing docs content

- Better searching, as results are shown as you type

- It is now possible to properly include image in the docs, without workarounds


Contributions are highly appreciated and should be made through Pull Requests to the new hercules-docs repository ( https://github.com/HerculesWS/hercules-docs ).


You may find general guidance on how to run the docs locally and edit it in the Editing the Docs page ( https://docs.herc.ws/contributing/editing-the-docs/ )

The content of the new repository was copied from the GitHub wiki (which was originally the MediaWiki content and had several contributions over the years), and reorganized into a few sections. Additionally, everything was converted to Markdown, so we should generally get an ok experience.


The conversion of MediaWiki pages to Markdown was made through an automated tool (pandoc) so we should still expect some things to not be perfectly right, a few noticeable cases are:

- Linking between pages are likely to be broken

- Some syntax highlighting may not be in the most presentable format

- Several images are still missing


Fixing those will require manual work to replicate the images, update links, etc.


Why not return to MediaWiki?

This question has shown up a few times in our Discord, and I think it is worth linking to the topic when the move happened back then:


TLDR; Maintaining MediaWiki together with IPB (our forum software) is complicated.



Huge thanks to Haru for making this idea come true!


Please let us know if you have questions, comments or suggestions for the new docs.

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