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    Need NoView Plugin Support

    Hello, I have today released new plugin, namely NoView. It adds command @noview to disable the headgear views for users (Upper/Mid/Lower headgear views) Link: https://github.com/dastgirp/HPM-Plugins/blob/master/src/plugins/noview.c
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    [Showcase] Magma Dungeon Lvl 3

    good work keep it up.. 😛
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    Need NoView Plugin Support

    how would I disable character own hat too, not just only other player
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    Very Light Weight Template Login page Register page
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    Kuya Jeo

    [Request] Daily Supply NPC

    You can try this one.. Try it, i just made the script without testing it. haha 😝😅 prontera,90,110,4 script Daily Supply 4_M_MAYOR,{ if(#DailySupply){ message strcharinfo(0), "Supply already claimed."; end; } else if(!#DailySupply){ getitem 505,1; getitem 506,1; getitem 507,1; getitem 508,1; set #DailySupply,1; end; } } - script DailySupplyReseter FAKE_NPC,{ OnClock1159: announce "[ Daily Supply ] : You can now claim your Daily Supply Now. Thank You!",bc_all | bc_blue; while(1){ query_sql("SELECT `account_id` from `char` WHERE `online` = 1",.@GetAccID); attachrid(.@GetAccID); set #DailySupply,0; detachrid; break; } end; }
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