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  1. use @unloadnpc then @loadnpc again. but its not recommended.
  2. Check your group.conf and find skill_unconditional this must be FALSE { id: 99 name: "Admin" level: 99 inherit: ( "Support", "Law Enforcement" ) commands: { /* not necessary due to all_commands: true */ } log_commands: true permissions: { can_trade: true can_trade_bound: false can_party: true all_skill: false all_equipment: false skill_unconditional: false use_check: true use_changemaptype: true all_commands: true hchsys_admin: true use_macro_interface: true } }
  3. Check the error in your map-server. if no error will pop-up, possible reason is, your GRF files is incomplete or not compatible with the client version, tried to used the English version of data files, you can download it here.
  4. Newbie Questio nboss baka matulungan mko pano po palitan max level yong hercules offline 99 to 255 level di po kasi nagana saken sana masagot niyo boss

  5. Is there something wrong with getitembound? I kinda feel wierd.. All item are like normal without any restrictions.
  6. Try to use updated english translation file.
  7. How about disable endless tower script and make a custom endless tower
  8. Option 0 is the answer When you relogin(character select then login again) the CD of EC will remove.
  9. use <ITEMLINK> instead of <ITEM> Sample mes "<ITEMLINK>"+getitemname(512)+"<INFO>512</INFO></ITEMLINK>";
  10. If you're using clean trunk, you can find the jobmaster in the trunk/npc/custom/jobmaster.txt Link : https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/tree/stable/npc/custom
  11. This is because the bmp file from item folder is not there GRF Path : data/texture/À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/item EDIT : sprite and act name must be the same with bmp file in collection and item folder
  12. Currently working with a Server with this features. you can check it on my FACEBOOK Page
  13. are you using updated hercules trunk? https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules
  14. The error is your header, you need to use <tab> Try this code and check it if still have the error sec_in01,170,159,0 script Saida#VIP1 WARPNPC,3,3,{ fim; OnTouch: urdidura "prontera", 160, 176; fim; } sec_in01,167,159,0 script Saída # VIP2 45,3,3, { fim; OnTouch: urdidura "prontera", 160, 176; fim; } prontera, 152.184,6 script SalaVIP # 01 :: VIPman 873, { if (getgmlevel () <1) { mes "-Para ser VIP é muito simples."; mes "Doando a partir de ^ FF00002 reais ^ 000000 você já pode ter acesso aos comandos e NPCs VIP!"; mes "Acesse http://www.ragnamemories.com/ para mais informações.-"; fechar; } mes "[Sala VIP]"; mes "Deseja ir para uma sala VIP?"; query_sql "SELECT` diasvip` FROM `login` ONDE` account_id` = '"+ getcharid (3) +"' AND `level` = '1' AND` diasvip`> '0' ",. @ DIASVIP; mes "^ FF0000Você possui ^ 0000CD" +. @ DIASVIP + "^ FF0000dia (s) de VIP. ^ 000000"; Próximo; if (selecione ("Sim: Não") == 2) fechar; close2; urdidura "sec_in01", 169, 164; fim; } sec_in01,0,0,0 script CheckVIP -1.500.500, { fim; OnPCLoadMapEvent: if (getgmlevel () <1 && strcharinfo (3) == "sec_in01") warp getsavepoint (0), getsavepoint (1), getsavepoint (2); fim; } sec_in01 mapflag nobranch sec_in01 mapflag noicewall sec_in01 mapflag nomemo sec_in01 mapflag nopenalty sec_in01 mapflag noreturn sec_in01 mapflag nosave sec_in01 mapflag noskill sec_in01 mapflag noteleport sec_in01 mapflag novending sec_in01 mapflag nowarp sec_in01 mapflag nowarpto sec_in01 mapflag loadevent
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