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  1. Ow, i already fixed that.... ( i made a simple mistake to trust anything other then Photoshop...)
  2. Well very honestly... Best Service i've used so far. That would be a 10 for... Quality, Friendliness also for Speed and all kinds of things you could give a rating for... If you ever need an design just ask her. Thanks again. (No seriously.... take this service.)
  3. Wow, thank you very much, that help a lot!
  4. Mah, did already test that, isnt working sadly...
  5. Seems like noone has an idea how to teleport all online players to an position using an NPC w/o using @recallall.... D:
  6. Yes, sure i ment the entire system for an NPC not as GM. (The NPC is not a visible NPC... its a function.)
  7. Well, i guess this is a completely dumb question... but is there a logic way to teleport all Connecting & Online players to one Location?
  8. Hm, i tested it using Ascii... then Unicode... didnt accept any of them.. really wierd.
  9. Hello folks, i have a question about the cutin file in data/GRF, so i did add a custom cutin but its still gives out the error that the file is actually missing... The file IS at bitmap and the ending of the file is .bmp... I will attach the file in Question. File is in: data/texture/유저인터페이스/illust even tho it is a bitmap file and ends with .bmp
  10. Hello, well since this is my first release.. I would like to have some criticism about my script to improve myself. //===== Script ====================================== //= Healer & Newbe Buff Script //===== By: ================================================== //= xKazuto //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.0 //===== Description: ========================================= //= Healer that Buffs Newbes and Heals HP and or SP for Users //(This requires a Fee depending on Level) //===== Additional Comments: ================================= // Since this is my first release... pff no real Comments. //================================================================= healer.txt
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