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  1. You can use PlayOnLinux, it's a GUI wine wrapper. People successfully running RO with it.
  2. Yay! Congrats! How you managed to resolve it? :3
  3. It's hard to say. I can't understand the architecture behind your hosting ~_~ sorry Maybe their inodes counter is broken (it couldn't show 25002 and allow to write more files), maybe folder outside of root is another partition (doubtful), strange anyway
  4. @@mrlongshen Do you have any idea why your site can use around 25002 files? Check if the problem is amount of uncleared PHP sessions: Try deleting all files named "sess_<something>" in "/var/lib/php5" or "/var/lib/php/session".
  5. It was wrong picture format/params?
  6. But stats are Alt+Q, rather no?.. /swt
  7. Maybe you have hidden extention in filenames (in Explorer properties), and by naming it to .bmp manually you actually created youaredead.bmp.bmp? You added this file in "data" folder, or GRF?
  8. I thought inventory being opened by using Alt+E?
  9. Try opening "data\sprite\이팩트\emotion.act" with ActEditor by @@Tokeiburu. There must be unused "Action index" from 88 to 92. Animate your own emoticon on any of those slots. Then you can modify lua files regarding emoticon commands and assign your own /word for emoticon here.
  10. @@Vlync You really think such toxic behavior is motivating?
  11. It wouldn't change itself. Some admin could made mistake and add some extra 0 while copying id by hand.
  12. @@JoyRo Every table with AUTO_INCREMENT column (in your case - it's `id`) has it's own AUTO_INCREMENT counter. Any row insert get this counter go +1. By inserting row with `id` 3000020, counter went to 3000021. If you don't have any row with `id` higher than 200001, you can change AUTO_INCREMENT counter back to 200001: ALTER TABLE `test` AUTO_INCREMENT=200001; So next row would be created with `id` 200001.
  13. Quite unusual approach. Looks fresh, but I'm not sure if I could get used to it as a player. If this would appear too frequent - it would be annoying, but if only 1 check on whole session - bot owner could just enter code and use bot after that.
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