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  1. My bad, thanks for the correction sir. I wrote it while having my server running rAthena emulator, but I've grown to like Hercules more and I got a lot more to learn.
  2. Hello Hercules community, I'm giving out this base that I didn't have time to finish, for people to start off better. The background can easily be changed to your liking. I'll finish it someday if there's a lot of requests for it, or if you want me to specifically design a unique website design for your Ragnarok server based on this one. http://imgur.com/mFLu1tV http://www.mediafire.com/download/g33qd536fd5w6ar/EmotivatedRO.psd Enjoy, have a good day!
  3. @@Aeromesi : Well I went by many random nicknames trying out lots of different characters, but the one nickname I mainly used was "Naliz". What about you? Maybe I have seen your name and remember it
  4. if it's a source edit, then yes you will to recompile
  5. *dies of happiness* that new GX sprite was well needed
  6. Omg finally, well done Kisuka and don't worry haha. We all appreciate your hard work and FYI, I loved your server RRO. Played it as a kid. Thank you for some wonderful years!
  7. Still available, don't be shy. PM me details here at forums and we can come to an agreement on how to proceed.
  8. emotivated. Your #1 guy to go, for affordable Ragnarok Hosting Solutions. PM me for anything you're wondering.

  9. Instead of restarting for your changes to take affect, remember you can also use: @reload For this one, you will need @reload atcommand I'm glad you managed to get it fixed!
  10. Thank you for the warm welcome! Yes, you're right. I'll be more considerate now.
  11. Hello everyone, I'd like to contribute with my first made script, it's by no means perfect and I know there's flaws. But it's a good base for any starters that'd like to continue off on it. Basically, it's placed at @go 15 and when you begin you kill specified monsters to get rewarded by the novice girl NPC. It gives you a selection of common pet eggs and some small amount of EXP, then lastly warps and sets your savepoint in Prontera. Anyway, here's the script. Feel free to criticize and modify it as you see fit, thank you! //===== By: ==================================================//= emotivated//===== Current Version: =====================================//= 1.0//===== Description: =========================================//= A simple quest script suitable for fresh novices.//= It asks you to kill specified monsters for rewards.//= When completed, it warps you to Prontera and saves there.//============================================================new_1-1,57,118,4 script Novice 639,{if(class != Job_Novice) goto l_nomore;if(BaseLevel >= 25) goto l_nomore;if(PoringKills && LunaticKills >= 3) goto l_finished;if(PoringKills && LunaticKills < 3) goto l_nokills;l_nokills:cutin "nov_lumin02",2;mes "[Novice]";mes "Please help me!";mes " ";mes "Can you get rid of some..";mes ".. Lunatic & Porings for me?";dispbottom "[ You have killed "+LunaticKills+"/3 Lunatic & "+PoringKills+"/3 Porings ]";close2;cutin "",255;end;l_finished:setarray .@x[0],9001,9005,9004,9006,9010,9041;set .@i, rand(getarraysize(.@x));getitem .@x[.@i],1;getitem 7539,2;getitem 13995,1;getexp 1000,700;showevent -1;emotion e_no1, 0;cutin "nov_lumin03",2;mes "[Novice]";mes "Wow! Thank you so much <3";mes "";PoringKills = 0;LunaticKills = 0;mes "Should I take you to Prontera?";next;cutin "nov_lumin05",2;switch(select("Yes please!:No thanks..:")) { case 1: savepoint "prontera",157,175; warp "prontera.gat",155,183; case 2: cutin "",255; close;}end;l_nomore:if(delay <= gettimetick(2)){set delay,gettimetick(2)+10;emotion e_sry, 0;npctalk "Sorry, I don't need anymore help.";end;}end;OnNPCKillEvent:if(killedrid == 1002 && PoringKills < 3) {set PoringKills,PoringKills + 1;dispbottom "[ You have killed "+LunaticKills+"/3 Lunatic & "+PoringKills+"/3 Porings ]";}else if (killedrid == 1063 && LunaticKills < 3) {set LunaticKills,LunaticKills + 1;dispbottom "[ You have killed "+LunaticKills+"/3 Lunatic & "+PoringKills+"/3 Porings ]";}OnPCLoadMapEvent:if(Baselevel >= 25) {showevent -1;} else {showevent 1,0;end;}end;}new_1-1 mapflag loadevent
  12. Hello Hercules, My nickname is emotivated, but you can call me Johnny. I've been playing Ragnarok for atleast more than 7 years now. I'm the ex-owner of ExtaliaRO, however, I'm now focusing on establishing my hosting solutions. Thank you for your attention.
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