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  1. Yeah dont host this on github, it will be DMCA'd so hard since the clients are copyrighted. Best bet is to do a torrent or build a nodejs script that can download any client from the patch server, unpack it on-demand, and serve it to the user. Or split up the clients into chunks so theyre no longer a whole file and serve them thru a downloader and have them combine at the end stage.
  2. kisuka

    New life for RO

    While I really want this to succeed I have my doubts. I've been involved with this community for many, many years (since 2005 / 12+ years). I've seen so many "new RO client", "custom RO client", "client rewrite", "open source client" projects, and absolutely none of them have succeeded. They all get to at least this stage: Map Viewer Chat Character creation / rendering Then they stop being interested in developing it, get burnt out and then quit. Biggest issue they all have? So far, out of the 5 or 6 projects I've seen pop up since 2005, only one of them ever shared their source code. If you're going to actively pursue this goal, share the code. Open source it and invite in more developers. Having it closed source + paid / donations to get access is going to get you in deep legal shit with Gravity. Do not think "oh they can't" or "they don't know who I am" or "they can't find me", believe me it's not hard. They know who pretty much everyone is irl that has massive contributions within the athena community. Open source it as an educational project, do not advertise it as an "RO Client". Like with athena, advertise it as an "MMORPG Client". Make a solid core framework that you can then extend with RO specifics to build a client capable of running RO. There are many old school athena developers who would join this project if you simply opened it up and had some serious noticeable progress on it. Do not make the same mistake as all those other dead projects.
  3. Honestly not really in favor of the idea of deprecating the use of IDs :/ I was the one that was pushing for script standardization originally. I released the first const use in place of sprite IDs. But that change was not meant to become a mandatory thing. Users should not be forced to use constants in place of IDs if they don't want to. Consts reference the IDs anyways, so eliminating the ability to use direct IDs just really doesn't make sense. It's in the same sense of script commands like getitem, delitem, specialeffect, skill, etc. We encourage the use of constants but in no way should it be mandatory. A better solution instead of straight up deprecating it would be to create an official scripting style guide and encourage the user of constants over the IDs, but don't require users to have to use them. If users will be contributing to the repository they should follow the style guide / use constants, but if they're making their own scripts they should be allowed to use either. Constants should be optional always for these situations.
  4. kisuka

    Tree of Savior

    Another one built using c# was in closed development by former eAthena contributors from back in the day. Including Yommy. They moved to a new project though as far as I recall.
  5. kisuka

    Progress bar

    You really shouldn't ever be able to move / break during a progress bar... that opens up a world of player reports asking why a script doesn't work or have orphaned quest variables that needed to be set after the progress finished. Could seriously have the potential to break a lot of things in my opinion.
  6. mind creating a small pack with the required map files to run without the update? See Attached data.7z
  7. We'll keep the current version as it's really close at the moment. If they stop making updates to it at some point then we can revisit and update it. Hard to try and keep up with them if they keep changing it every few weeks.
  8. Ugh D: it never ends. Damn this script.
  9. Man I never knew my server was played by so many people that would go on to get involved in the emulator scene too @.@
  10. Didn't forget. I know about them, I asked about them in staff chat. It's a tiny bit beyond my scope at the moment as my brain is fried from working on this. At the moment it starts on the standard iz_int and equips are still unequipped. It's not a major game breaking change, low priority. I'll try to get it added sometimes this month. Didn't wanna hold back on the script release due to a small change that doesn't really impact gameplay.
  11. 14.2 Criatura Academy The Royal Criatura Academy is the new training area of adventurers in Rune-Midgarts. Novices must register themselves into the academy in order to take advantage of its educational benefits. The academy includes a grand hall, cafeteria, dispensary, a library, and a student lounge. Changes 2012 Novice Grounds disabled (NPCs to help abandoned characters stuck in the area were added). Little Porings added to prt_fild08 along with its channel maps. Channel Warper name changed to official representation ("Channel Warp Official"). Academy script added. Novice Skills script disabled due to First Aid and Trick Dead being implemented into the Academy script. Fixed some AEGIS Names on a few items. Novice start point changed to iz_int. Why did this take so long? Some may be asking themselves: "damn, Kisuka, you've had this for over two years, why did it take you so long?". Well, first off, I've been through two jobs in the last year so my life has been pretty crazy in that regard. Things got stable in beginning of 2015, so I started getting back to this script. The other issue of why this script took so long is due to the nature of the script itself. In my opinion, this is one of the worst localized pieces of content in the history of Ragnarok Online. Each official server differs in how this script is implemented. The differences among official servers: kRO: Job Teachers warp you to that classes' specific map once you decide to change to that job. iRO: They changed it to the teacher NPC just changes you to the job in Izlude. You never find out where the guild is. iRO: Added custom NPCs around Izlude that give out free buffs. kRO: A number of NPCs that give 'Combat Training' in the form of hunting quests. iRO: Removed / Missing them. kRO / cRO: Cute Pet portion of the academy has misc poring NPCs to add more to the feel of the area during the dialog. iRO: Removed / Missing them. iRO: Awful engrish translations and placeholder texts used during localization process left in-game. euRO: Doesn't even have the script. jRO: No idea, they block non-Japanese IPs. Due to these differences, a large chunk of the script had to be manually translated due to iRO having stripped out those portions of dialog. I wanted to keep this content as close to kRO as possible so I chose not to remove them / not to copy iRO. Missing Features Due to either missing scripts / NPCs on official, no access to official script, or limitations in Hercules the following features are current missing in Criatura Academy: A number of Quest Bubbles are disabled currently due to certain aspects not implemented yet in Hercules (min / max level, Pre-req quests, stacking). ConsumeSpecialItem calls disabled due to lack of information / no implementation in Hercules. A number of complimenting quest NPCs missing due to lack of them in official server (iRO). Bugs If you find a bug, please create a Pull Request or a New Issue. Commit https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/commit/21564acf13fbfc10295e4b2e026c2d3b7ca07299
  12. Thanks for all the hard work you've contributed to the continued development of this project.
  13. Why would you want something like that? To inflate server population numbers?
  14. kisuka

    Oboro Quest

    Added in 169f1dcd2b08cab26ac73297dca048296503eac0.
  15. yeah..can't support new client...maybe Sirius is having hard time to crack it..anyway at least members can enjoy new incoming updates from Hercules.. Nah, he's just busy with life stuff x3
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