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  1. allow the website IP on your VPS mysql server
  2. where's your downloads.php file? it should be on your /themes/<name of your theme>/main/downloads.php
  3. Some just reselling vps, and some are buying dedicated and divide it and make a vps. Maybe post in hosting forum and you will get much better answer.
  4. I suggest always separate your website and server. Its not recommended to run them on the same machine unless you are running on a dedicated server 1 more thing mates, for example I bought 1 VPS on DO and decide to make a webhost also on DO because I want DO to handle my server and my webhost. Is that possible? I'll make the other VPS to be my webhost. Yes. 1 vps for game server and 1 vps for web server. But, my suggestion is to get a shared hosting with cpanel + 1 vps game server.
  5. You can buy a vps on DO then a shared hosting in any hosting company you want. Allow your shared hosting IP in your mysql server in vps and also allow remote access in your mysql server.
  6. Wala na kasi forum e. Sorry na. may sumagot na ng tanong ko sa member ng herc.
  7. do you have cpanel? redirect your domain there to your subfolder
  8. paano palabasin emblem sa battleground? gamit ko ramod. sa gvg map lang kasi nalabas..
  9. Yeah, will setup the server on my own. Thanks! Did not see that link, Thanks for providing! no problem. practice on ovh vps at $3.5 only or other vps provider.
  10. Herc wiki have steps on how to setup server side. here's the link http://herc.ws/wiki/Installation_(Debian) this is for debian os
  11. What client? Its working on 2015 but not on the other lower client
  12. Cancel the automatic payment in your paypal. check this link
  13. what exactly did you use in setup.exe? can you screenshot? thank you
  14. I got this problem too. Following the topic..
  15. go to conf/groups.conf, it's easy to understand.
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