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  1. i think the donation link is on his signature. the wallet address that you need is also included there.
  2. you can double click it those chat tab ingame to rename the title
  3. check the service_korea folder and make sure that was match for your client version.
  4. Brynner

    Nemo patcher

    here's a mirror for those who having an issue just like me. https://mega.nz/file/DJgHCYiR#rDzdAl_QHQd9Q1cxP3Y5AOwl991_fcZ_5H9FobeVpKc
  5. Brynner

    Nemo patcher

    yes it works if you gonna use proxy and use idm to make it resumable once you turn off your proxy.
  6. Brynner

    Nemo patcher

    link for the full kRO does not work.
  7. i think he is asking for what ragnarok episode are now on Hercules emulator.
  8. Brynner

    Nemo patcher

    oh okay.its only working for RE clients.
  9. Brynner

    Nemo patcher

    anyone having same issue with client 2018-06-20 but the issue does not appear for 2018-11-07
  10. no need to commenting them just modified them.
  11. mga new items na sa renewal lang nag exist maps, mobs, instances
  12. kung gusto mo 3rd job na madaming new features go for renewal. pero kung medyo classic lng go for pre-renewal kc madaming features ang wla s pre-re n meron s renewal
  13. have you tried the conf\messages.conf 1240: MVP Monster: '%s'/'%s'/'%s' (%d) 1241: Monster: '%s'/'%s'/'%s' (%d) 1277: Item: '%s'/'%s'[%d] (%d) Type: %s | Extra Effect: %s
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