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  1. That means, that you didn't patch your client or patched it incorrectly. You have to patch clean client with Nemo patcher and include the patch I mentioned. Only after this your client will show sprites with view ID after 2000. Just think, If view id 1991 displays, but 5000 does not display with the same conditions, That exactly means, that your client does have the needed patch.
  2. Patch your client with Nemo to increase max view IDs, then your sprites will be shown. http://nemo.herc.ws/patches/IncreaseViewID/ Good luck.
  3. Hello, After updating to the latest Hercules, The emblems work fine in game using API server, But new emblems are now not displaying on the website (both bmp and gif formats). Old emblems, which were set before the API server has been setuped, work well. Might be script cannot convert now data from SQL to image. What was changed in emblem data or how it can be fixed? I've tried also the latest FLUX CP codes, but still no results.
  4. Hello all, After a few days, sometimes after a week from the start, The living server sometimes shows the following fatal error and the server terminates. Has anyone faced it? Any solutions to avoid it? [Fatal Error]: Memory manager::memmgr_alloc failed (allocating 28+5422080 bytes at script.c:4050). Script.c at line 4050 shows: // // Stack operations // /// Increases the size of the stack static void stack_expand(struct script_stack *stack) { nullpo_retv(stack); stack->sp_max += 64; stack->stack_data = (struct script_data*)aRealloc(stack->stack_data, LINE 4050 // stack->sp_max * sizeof(stack->stack_data[0]) ); memset(stack->stack_data + (stack->sp_max - 64), 0, 64 * sizeof(stack->stack_data[0]) ); }
  5. That works now, lots of thanks! Previosly I was using client 2020-04-01bRagexe, I've changed it to 2020-07-15bRagexe, and register button has been appeared. Tested it, and was able to create and to join created party from another account. The only issue is for now, the api server says the following, When I am trying to use search in agency. [23/Apr 23:06][Warning]: Unhandled url 3: /party/search [23/Apr 23:06][Info]: disconnected 3: /party/search
  6. Many thanks for your reply! I guess, you've meant only party leaders can register a new party? Yes, I am trying to do it as a party leader, but I think, I haven't properly setuped external settings file. My external settings as follows, Url = { TwitterUrl = "" } AccountLinkedUserDataUrl = { Save = "", Load = "" } TwitterDataUrl = { Auth = "", Upload = "" } EmblemDataUrl = { Upload = "", Download = "" } Can you please share, how the settings for Adventure Agency should look like?
  7. Hello, Has anyone tested Adventure Agency feature? Register button does not appear in the agency window. Are there any special setups for ExternalSettings or there is another solution to solve it? Http service is on. Thank you in advance.
  8. The same trouble. When trying to use item link in item description (written in ItemInfo.lua), it crashes the client. In scripts it works well. If anyone have solution on this issue, please advise, will be highly appreciated. 🙏
  9. Hello, May I know exactly, what was done to make it works? I've added status numbers to constant DB, but nothing happens.
  10. Hello, Does anyone know, if it is possible to get natural spawned mob coordinates with OnNPCKillEvent? I'd like to use *getmapxy to get it coordinates, but 'killedrid' only returns mob ID, but not RID.
  11. Timokha

    Guild emblems

    Hello, As far as I know, guild emblems on clients version after 2019-06 is not showing. Is anyone using 2020-2021 clients? Does anyone have a solution for this issue? I really need to use fresh clients, but I cannot sacrifice guild emblems. Thank you.
  12. Hi! Try to set .linear_jobchange value to 0. .linear_jobchange = 0;
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