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  1. But there's no reason for you to use 2 enumerations to create a effect state. The SI enumeration only exists for the correction of the incorrect value of the SC enumeration.
  2. Currently all eathena based emulators work the effect state incorrectly. In hercules uses two enumerations one for effects other for icons. This is totally wrong, in the official there is only an enumeration for the state of effects that are those of skills such as blessing. This enumeration is the same present in the lua files. With this proposed change SI_ enumeration must be removed and the client itself will recognize and apply the icon according to the effect state ID. the enumeration of effects states currently contains effects that should be used in another enumeration, they are. SC_STONE = 0, SC_COMMON_MIN = 0, // begin SC_FREEZE, SC_STUN, SC_SLEEP, SC_POISON, SC_CURSE, SC_SILENCE, SC_CONFUSION, SC_BLIND, SC_BLOODING, SC_DPOISON, //10 SC_FEAR, SC_COLD, SC_BURNING, SC_DEEP_SLEEP, SC_COMMON_MAX = 14, // end In aegis, these effects are worked on in another type of enumeration, because they do not have icons, see below the enumeration of aegis. typedef enum <unnamed-tag> { BODY_STONECURSE = 0x1, BODY_FREEZING = 0x2, BODY_STUN = 0x3, BODY_SLEEP = 0x4, BODY_UNDEAD = 0x5, HEALTH_POISON = 0x6, HEALTH_CURSE = 0x7, HEALTH_SILENCE = 0x8, HEALTH_CONFUSION = 0x9, HEALTH_BLIND = 0xa, HEALTH_HEAVYPOISON = 0xb, HEALTH_BLOODING = 0xc, EFFECT_ENDURE = 0xd, EFFECT_HASTE = 0xe, EFFECT_HASTEATTACK = 0xf, EFFECT_SLOW_POTION = 0x10, EFFECT_HASTE_POTION = 0x11, EFFECT_SANTA = 0x12, EFFECT_ANGELUS = 0x13, EFFECT_PUSHCART = 0x14, EFFECT_CONCENTRATE = 0x15, EFFECT_HIDE = 0x16, EFFECT_WEDDING = 0x17, EFFECT_PLUSATTACKPOWER = 0x18, EFFECT_PLUSMAGICPOWER = 0x19, EFFECT_CLAIRVOYANCE = 0x1a, EFFECT_HASTE_HORSE = 0x1b, EFFECT_SUMMER = 0x1c, HEALTH_FEAR = 0x1d, BODY_BURNNING = 0x1e, BODY_IMPRISON = 0x1f, HANDICAPSTATE_DEEPSLEEP = 0x20, HANDICAPSTATE_FROSTMISTY = 0x21, HANDICAPSTATE_COLD = 0x22, HANDICAPSTATE_NORECOVER = 0x23, EFFECT_HASTEATTACK_CASH = 0x24, HANDICAPSTATE_ICEEXPLO = 0x25, HANDICAPSTATE_ILLUSION = 0x26, EFFECT_HANBOK = 0x27, STATE_ENUM_END_MARK = 0x28, } <unnamed-tag>; So my suggestion is the separation of these effects and removal of the enumeration of the icons, since the enumeration of the effects must be the same present in the efstids.lua file, this makes the icon already recognized only using an enumeration and not two as we do today
  3. I was looking at Aegis and decided to create this suggestion to add more fields to the skill database. The intent of this posting is to facilitate the use of modifications of the skills. That way we can only use one @reloadskilldb and all modifications come into operation. SkillHitPer is the accuracy by level SkillHitPer = [200,200,200,200,200,200,200,200,200,200] SkillAtkPer is the attack value by level SkillAtkPer = [300,500,600,800,1000,1200,1300,1500,1600,1800] SkillHandicap applies a chance for the player to receive the effect. The level of the status is according to the skill level OnSuccess: SkillHandicap = [SC_BLIND,50,100,150,200,250,300,350,400,450,500] SkillResetHandicap allows you to remove an effect when you use the skill OnUse: SkillResetHandicap = [SC_SLEEP,SC_STUN] SkillDrainHP allows absorbing the resulting damage dealt as HP. SkillDrainHP = [100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100] SkillDrainSP Drains SP from all players around the user based on the amount of damage they would take from a normal attack. SkillDrainSP = [20,40,60,80,100,20,40,60,80,100] SkillDataString allows input of a string used by teleport skills, or message when using some skill SkillDataString = ["dicastes01.gat"] I think these implementations would help a lot to make modifications to the abilities without shutting down the server for the modifications to come into operation
  4. @4144 This has to do with the cooldown, was reported the hercules in 2014, the ind came to add the command @cddebug not to need restart the server. But the real problem has never been fixed. Link Bug Track
  5. Beret

    Clan System

    I know this has been implemented, but would not it be better to keep the clan information in a separate table than to add information in the char table? Example of aegis table CREATE TABLE [dbo].[ClanMemberInfo]( [CID] [int] NOT NULL, [AID] [int] NOT NULL, [GID] [int] NOT NULL, [UpdateTM] [smalldatetime] NULL ) ON [PRIMARY] GO Murilo great work in the system
  6. Beret

    Clan System

    Aegis file clan system: tbl={ [ [[SWORD CLAN]] ] = --클랜명 { CID = 1, --클랜 ID 1번부터 시작합니다 EMBLEM_NUM = 1, MASTER_NAME = [[㉬쇽 랍⒣ㆁ보]], -- npc 이름과 동일해야됩니다 MANAGE_MAP =[[prontera.gat]], MAX_USER = 500, --클랜 최대 인원수 ALLY_CLAN={3,}, --동맹클랜 HOSTILE = {0,}, --적대클랜 EFST_ID = { [[EFST_SWORDCLAN]],}, --효과를 적용할 EFST ID 리스트 }, [ [[ARCHWAND CLAN]] ]= { CID = 2, EMBLEM_NUM = 2, MASTER_NAME = [[?? ╉보]], MANAGE_MAP =[[geffen.gat]], MAX_USER = 500, ALLY_CLAN={3,}, HOSTILE = {4,}, EFST_ID ={ [[EFST_ARCWANDCLAN]], }, }, [ [[GOLDENMACE CLAN]] ]= { CID = 3, EMBLEM_NUM = 3, MASTER_NAME = [[?벙 ╉보]], MANAGE_MAP =[[prontera.gat]], MAX_USER = 500, ALLY_CLAN={1,2,4,}, HOSTILE = {0}, EFST_ID ={ [[EFST_GOLDENMACECLAN]], }, }, [ [[CROSSBOW CLAN]] ]= { CID = 4, EMBLEM_NUM = 4, MASTER_NAME = [[?몰┢]], MANAGE_MAP = [[payon.gat]], MAX_USER = 500, ALLY_CLAN={3,}, HOSTILE = {2,}, EFST_ID = { [[EFST_CROSSBOWCLAN]], }, }, }; function main() for clanname, info in pairs(tbl) do result, msg = InsertClanInfo( clanname, info.CID, info.EMBLEM_NUM , info.MASTER_NAME, info.MANAGE_MAP, info.MAX_USER, info.ALLY_CLAN, info.HOSTILE, info.EFST_ID ); if ( not result )then return false, msg; end end return true,"success" end
  7. Beret

    Nemo patcher

    /roulette is present on the client Zero, I believe it still exists, it is probably activated same cash shop.
  8. Beret

    Nemo patcher

    @4144 cashoshop and roulette does not appear, but in ragnarok zero has cashshop, is it some diff conflict? or have they changed the packet and now only shows with the packet? /tip does not open when char enters the game
  9. @4144 I understand, I thought it would be possible to do something similar to setup.
  10. @Ai4rei I remember that the nemo did once, now I do not know if it is possible to do this in the setup, I think so, because in nemo there is an option to leave the cash button invisible too. I think it would be more interesting to use equal is the skills bar if this is possible, where you can move it to anywhere. https://github.com/MStr3am/NEMO/blob/pre_3p0/Patches/MoveCashShopIcon.qs
  11. @Ai4rei Very good. Do not you think of adding support to change the location of button cashshop, roulette and others? It is interesting to allow player to choose the position of the UI.
  12. Beret

    Clan System

    @@Dastgir about this information I think just anyone who plays or played aegis with the system implemented can give us that information, I don't play RO already few year already, so I don't know about
  13. Beret

    Clan System

    Clan system offers effects for members that are part of the clan, some packets are present since the client 2012-07-02aRagexeRE. There are 4 types of clan who are they: Sword Clan Arch Wand Clan Golden Bear Clan Crossbow Clan In kro was made an update that added new clans. How to join a clan: To join a clan, talk to a npc at the following location prt_in 37 112 The buffs are as follows: to talk with your clan use the command /cl Message or change the chat bar to Send to Clan. packets: // packet = 0x988 struct PACKET_ZC_NOTIFY_CLAN_CONNECTINFO { /* this+0x0 */ short PacketType /* this+0x2 */ unsigned short NumConnect /* this+0x4 */ unsigned short NumTotal } // packet = 0x989 struct PACKET_ZC_ACK_CLAN_LEAVE { /* this+0x0 */ short PacketType } // packet = 0x98a struct PACKET_ZC_CLANINFO { /* this+0x0 */ short PacketType /* this+0x2 */ short PacketLength /* this+0x4 */ int EmblemNum /* this+0x8 */ char ClanName[24] /* this+0x20 */ char Mastername[24] /* this+0x38 */ char ManageMap[16] /* this+0x48 */ unsigned char Num_AllyClan /* this+0x49 */ unsigned char Num_HostileClan } // packet = 0x98d struct PACKET_CZ_CLAN_CHAT { /* this+0x0 */ short PacketType /* this+0x2 */ short PacketLength /* this+0x4 */ char chat[...]; } // packet = 0x98e struct PACKET_ZC_NOTIFY_CLAN_CHAT { /* this+0x0 */ short PacketType /* this+0x2 */ short PacketLength /* this+0x4 */ char charName[24] /* this+0x1c */ char chat[...]; } Information obtained from iRO. My New Year's gift, Beret.
  14. this is what happens to be more than a year stopped
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