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  1. RO Community, allow me to introduce to you my customized RO private server. GodlyRO Website : http://godlyro.com/ Download: http://godlyro.com/?module=pages&action=content&path=downloads » FEATURES Episode: customized pre-renewal / Thanatos Max Level: 255 Max Job Level: 175 Max Stats: 255 Max ASPD: 195 Server Location: New York City, USA » RATES Exp Base & Job: 69x Item & Equip drop: 10000x Normal Card drop: 10% Miniboss Card drop: 5% MVP Card drop: 2.50% Headgear|Costume|Weapons|Accessory|Equipment Customized GodlyRO Stats! Basic Commands: @autoloot @autoloottype @autotrade @rates @hominfo @homstats @iteminfo @mobinfo @help @mobinfo @warp @go @changeleader @uptime @changegm @whogm @leave @mount2 @jailtime @noask @noks @refresh @showexp @showzeny @time @who @whodrops @whereis » CUSTOM NPCS Healer, Job Master, Warper, Stylist, Automated Events Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/SHhY8aP Custom set : Headgear, Armor, Boots, Cloak, and Accessories are 2-slots. Shield is 1-slot. Customized Weapons, Cards, Runes, Stones, and many more. We're still new! First launched on February 27, 2020. Join us now! Any questions or concerns, feel join to communicate via discord. We are a USA server. Other areas might have some lag spike. Mainly for US RO community. Thanks for considering, Admin, Godly.
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    How do I grant adduser permision privleges just like logging in as root? I can't compile or run ./athena-start start not sure what sudo is
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