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  1. I cant find much info by exploring the project, whats supposed to do? how can it help me? how useful is it? thanks
  2. thanks for trying to help, i got no success with this after trying a lot of things, even tried other servers lua/lubs... i think my hexed is cursed, but its alright ^^
  3. vc pode atingir isso modificando o for para passar por todos os castelos e vendo a qual guild pertencem. ai na hora de "pagar" o jogador, vai multiplicar pela quantidade de vezes que a guild dele aparece (ou seja, quantos castelos possui), acho que é isso. OnBuyItem: set .@TotalCost,0; // Calcula o custo total for(set .@i,0; .@i < getarraysize( @bought_nameid ); set .@i,.@i+1) for(set .@j,0; .@j < getarraysize( .Items ); set .@j,.@j+1) if( .Items[.@j] == @bought_nameid[.@i] ) set .@TotalCost,.@TotalCost + ( .Costs[.@j] * @bought_quantity[.@i] ); if( #CASHPOINTS >= .@TotalCost ){ // Deduz #CASHPOINTS e Ganha Itens. set #CASHPOINTS,#CASHPOINTS - .@TotalCost; for(set .@i,0; .@i < getarraysize( @bought_nameid ); set .@i,.@i+1) getitem @bought_nameid[.@i],@bought_quantity[.@i]; // Atribui a quantia de imposto igualmente a outras Guildas. for( set .@i,0; .@i < getarraysize( .CastleMap$ ); set .@i,.@i + 1 ) { set .@castleGuild, getguildid(getguildname(getcastledata(.CastleMap$[.@i],1))); set .@guildCastles, 0; // Counter for guild-owned castles // Count guild-owned castles for( set .@j, 0; .@j < getarraysize(.CastleMap$); set .@j, .@j + 1) { if(getguildid(getguildname(getcastledata(.CastleMap$[.@j],1))) == .@castleGuild) { set .@guildCastles, .@guildCastles + 1; } } // distriubir imposto igualmente setd( "$GuildTax_"+.@i ),getd( "$GuildTax_"+.@i ) + ( (( .@TotalCost * .TaxRate ) / 100 ) / .@guildCastles ); } // Notificação sobre o Total de Imposto Recebido pela Guilda. message strcharinfo(0),"Imposto recolhido: "+(( .@TotalCost * .TaxRate ) / 100 )+" Cash"; }else{ mes "Você não tem #CASHPOINTS suficiente..."; } close;
  4. I am using 2018-11-14dRagexe with NEMO, all working the "Cash Shop" button is there the itens are there the cash is there what happens is: if i click buy in the cash shop with no itens > nothing happens (as it should) if i add a item from the cash shop to the buy list and click buy > GRAVITY ERROR i have kRO grf in my data.ini, i search for nemo for "cash" patches but there is nothing besides hiding the icon. does this client even support it? I cant use another client because i want a pre-renewal server and the sonic blow and vulcan arrow animation have changed in december 2018.
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