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  1. Hello everyone, I have found that the pets do not do any damage, even if they use skills. There is no miss about the monsters. How could it be fixed?! My Pet.conf settings: // Does the pet need its equipment before it does its skill? (Note 1) pet_equip_required: false // When the master attacks a monster, whether or not the pet will also attack. (Note 1) pet_attack_support: true // When the master receives damage from the monster, whether or not the pet attacks back. (Note 1) pet_damage_support: true // Minimum intimacy necessary for a pet to support their master. Default is 900 // (intimacy goes from 0 to 1000). At this minimum, support rate is 50% of pet's normal value. // At max (1000) support rate is 150%. pet_support_min_friendly: 950 // Whether or not the pet's will use skills. (Note 1) // Note: Offensive pet skills need at least pet_attack_support or // pet_damage_support to work (they trigger while the pet is attacking). pet_status_support: true // Rate at which a pet will support it's owner in battle. (Note 2) // Affects pet_attack_support & pet_damage_support. pet_support_rate: 1000 // When pet leveling is enabled, what is the max stats for pets? pet_max_stats: 150 // Does the pets owner receive exp from the pets damage? pet_attack_exp_to_master: true // The rate exp. is gained from the pet attacking monsters pet_attack_exp_rate: 50 // When pet leveling is enabled, these are the imposed caps on // min/max damage. Note that these only cap atk1 and atk2, if you // enable pet_str, their max damage is then their base_atk + pet_max_atk2 pet_max_atk1: 400 pet_max_atk2: 500 For example Zealotus: { Id: 1200 Name: "Zealotus" EggItem: "Zherlthsh_Egg" TamingItem: "Prohibition_Red_Candle" FoodItem: "Immortal_Heart" HungerDecrement: 7 CaptureRate: 300 AttackRate: 1000 DefendRate: 100 ChangeTargetRate: 500 PetScript: <" petskillattack("AS_SONICBLOW", 1, 0, 0, 3); "> EquipScript: <" .@intimacy = getpetinfo(PETINFO_INTIMACY); if (.@intimacy >= PET_INTIMACY_LOYAL) { bonus2(bAddRace, RC_DemiPlayer, 3); bonus2(bMagicAddRace, RC_DemiPlayer, 3); } else if (.@intimacy >= PET_INTIMACY_CORDIAL) { bonus2(bAddRace, RC_DemiPlayer, 2); bonus2(bMagicAddRace, RC_DemiPlayer, 2); } "> },
  2. Anyone know why the Pets aren't doing any damage? Pets attacking, but there's no miss, no damage. just nothing. Attack kills have not yet been performed either.
  3. Aaand the next stuff. Don't know if this just me, but the command works for the whole server. So... if anyone use the command, the whole server can't see headgears. xD
  4. At first, thanks for the plugin release, but It's just me who get the const error?
  5. Yes, mine is slightly bigger than yours. xD Where are scripts in hercules that contain "ModExp or ModDrop"? Didn't know hercules had a thing for vip.
  6. I have all chars with brown skin colour, but I don't want to replace all chars with brown skin colour, but let the player choose if he wants to have white or brown skin colour. Is there a possibility to call both sprites separately?
  7. I'm trying to take over the skill changes from kRO right now. This was changed to Sonic Blow: Improves damage formula, the skill will deal more damage against target who has HP lower than 50% by 50%. How do I declare tstatus-hp now? I get this error message: In battle.c:
  8. Any solution / guide yet to disable it?
  9. I can't tell if it's registered properly.As excample Anyway, make sure it's registered after you set it up. As example:
  10. Is there a way to open the Quest window from the player (Alt + U) via an NPC/Script?
  11. I wanted to ask if they are already working on the kRO skill balancing or if they want to add it to hercules at all. Here are all the details: https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3453-kro-mass-skills-balance-1st-2nd-and-transcendent-classes-skills/
  12. The Exp numbers are not displayed. PRIu64 is displayed instead.
  13. Hey, I'm setting up a renewal classic server. How can I put the character hit & flee back on pre-renewal? I also find in renewal, the monk skill "Investigate" and the item "Ice Pick" is too weak. Investigate does the same damage almost everywhere, no matter if monsters have high def or use a weapon with ele/race/size cards. How can you increase the damage of Investigate and Ice Pick so that it is useful like in pre-renewal for high def monster. I found this, but not much of the damage happens when I put the formula back on pre-renewal... #ifdef RENEWAL /** * RE DEF Reduction * Pierce defense gains 1 atk per def/2 **/ if( def1 < -399 ) // it stops at -399 def1 = 399; // in aegis it set to 1 but in our case it may lead to exploitation so limit it to 399 //return 1; if( flag&2 ) damage += def1 >> 1; if( !(flag&1) && !(flag&2) ) { if( flag&4 ) damage -= (def1 + vit_def); else damage = (int)((100.0f - def1 / (def1 + 400.0f) * 90.0f) / 100.0f * damage - vit_def); } #else if( def1 > 100 ) def1 = 100; if( !(flag&1) ){ if( flag&2 ) damage = damage * pdef * (def1+vit_def) / 100; else damage = damage * (100-def1) / 100; } if( !(flag&1 || flag&2) ) damage -= vit_def; #endif
  14. If I am correct, the 2019-06-26bRagexeRE is the first Client who support this feature. Would be awesome if it useable in older clients, since the most Clients have to less stuff what is useable, like more hairstyles, space in guildnames and and and
  15. Did you talk About this here? I think I've the same problem.
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