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  1. I think I have answered in your email regarding this... Anyway for everyone who's lost as well in implementing item options... create a group in db/option_drop_groups.conf (this is where you categorize random options groups) Example: (You just need to follow the instruction inside the conf file) group1: { }, group2: { }, then you need to edit mob_db drops and add your option group example: the mob you want to test has this drops: Drops: { Jellopy: 7000 Knife_: 100 Sticky_Mucus: 400 Apple: 1000 Empty_Bottle: 1500 Apple: 150 Unripe_Apple: 20 Poring_Card: 1 } to add group for the knife, edit the line of knife and add the group you want depending on which option group you want to take the options Knife_: 100,"group1" there is item_options.conf in the db folder which holds all the item options available this is what i have answered in his email as well
  2. Try to change .DelayTime to DelayTime . = npc variable without . = playervariable
  3. You seem to be using rathena as herc don't have item_db_equip.yml But if you are using herc and what you want is to match your item_db.conf with itemInfo.lua name, try @Dastgir tools. https://github.com/dastgirp/Scripts/tree/master/Lua/multi-tools With regards to the getitemifo: *getiteminfo(<item ID>, <type>) *getiteminfo("<item name>", <type>) *setiteminfo(<item ID>, <type>, <value>) This function will look up the item with the specified ID number in the database and return the info set by TYPE argument. It will return -1 if there is no such item. Valid types are: ITEMINFO_ID - Item ID (getiteminfo() only!) ITEMINFO_AEGISNAME - Unique name to reference the item (getiteminfo() only!) ITEMINFO_NAME - Display name (getiteminfo() only!) Or you can use: (this is from doc/sample/getiteminfo.txt) .@value = 2301; // This line uses an INTERNAL function of your client to show item name by its ID! // ^nItemID^XXXX -> Item Name mesf("Item ID: %d ^nItemID^%d", .@value, .@value);
  4. Someone message me this concept a long time ago but I became busy. With some free time, I decide to try and create a plugin for this. Here is what I have done initially: With that setup, it was set to take random options from any of the available random options in the database and the set value was just hardcoded from 1 - 10.  In the video, there is one item option with 5 options but shows 4 options for the item, it is because, the option that has been randomly generated is: { Id: 86 Name: "BODY_ATTR_ALL" Script: <" /* Needs more info */ "> }, In client file, there is no counterpart for this ID as well, thus it will not show even though the slot was taken by this option. A lot of things could be improved and added. This could be combined with the item options + drop effect I made before.
  5. It uses a plugin, you need to add the plugin he mentioned to make it work
  6. The array functions should load first before your script or they will not be recognized as function. Try to paste the functions above your script.
  7. RoBrowser doesn't support pin code as far as I know
  8. I'm not sure but i think rebellion skills are not yet fully coded
  9. I believe @AnnieRuru updated her pvp script: link
  10. Check this: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/stable/doc/script_commands.txt#L7533
  11. in db/pre-re or re/ map_zone_db.conf under the Zone All i think you could specify there the mapflag adjust skill damage
  12. Hello everyone! Been busy for a while, anyway I just want to show this newest plugin I tried to create for hercules emulator. MVP Death Timer Created a video: Have a great day everyone!
  13. @gantz @Promeister this drop effect is already in hercules emulator, it could be set in the itemdb.conf I just made a plugin to integrate the drop effect with item options wherein the effect will depend on the item options that the item has like in Diablo :)
  14. Samuel


    I think you need python to use this: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/stable/tools/mobskilldbconverter.py
  15. as you're using PRE-RE, you need to configure it in your db/pre-re/refine_db.conf /************************************************************************** ************* Entry structure ******************************************** ************************************************************************** Armors/WeaponLevel1~4: { // Specifies weapon level or armor type. // - For armors, values of 100 add 1 armor defense. // - For weapons, values of 100 add 1 ATK & MATK. StatsPerLevel: (int) // This value is applied for ever level. RandomBonusStartLevel: (int) // This value specifies the start point for those levels that give a random bonus value (usually the first unsafe upgrade). // - RandomBonusStartLevel is only applied for weapons, and not displayed client-side. RandomBonusValue: (int) // A random number between 0 and (Random bonus start level - Upgrade level + 1) * this value is applied for all upgrades past. RefineryUISettings: ( { Level: (int or array of int) // Holds either the individual refine level meant for this setting or an array defining a range of Low to Max level BlacksmithBlessing: (int) (optional) // How many Blacksmith Blessing required for this range to be safe from breaking Announce: "(string)" (optional) // Sends an announcement server wide when a player reach this refine level using Refinery UI, this feature is only available starting from 2017-08-30 RagexeRE or 2017-09-06 Ragexe the field accepts the following values and it defaults to not announce Success to set the announcement on item refine successful Failure to set the announcement on item refine failure Always to always announce it Items: { AegisName: { Type: "(string)" // The type to determine the chances used for this item, REFINE_CHANCE_TYPE_* constants are used in here Cost: (int) (optional) // Amount of zeny required FailureBehavior: "(string)" (optional) // The expected behavior on failure for this item, the following strings are used in here Destroy (default) sets the item to be destroyed on failure Keep keeps the item after failure Downgrade downgrades the item by one level on failure } } } ) Rates: { // Per level configuration of the refine rates. Lv1~20: { // Lv1 ~ Lv20. NormalChance: (int) // (optional, defaults to 100) Chance of successful refine using normal ores (100 = 100%). EnrichedChance: (int) // (optional, defaults to 100 for weapons below refine level 20, otherwise 0.) Chance of successful refine using enriched ores (100 = 100%). EventNormalChance: (int) // (optional, defaults to 100) Chance of successful refine using normal ores (100 = 100%) during a refine event. EventEnrichedChance: (int) // (optional, defaults to 100 for weapons below refine level 10, otherwise 0.) Chance of successful refine using enriched ores (100 = 100%) during a refine event. Bonus: (int) // (optional, defaults to 0) Bonus (Armor) for this level of refine. } // Note: Refine levels that use default values need not be listed. (Example: Lv1: { NormalChance: 100 Bonus: 0 }) } } **************************************************************************/ Check db/re/refine_db.conf as your reference on how to add
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