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  1. Any help here guys? Sir @Dastgir please help.
  2. It seems that this forum is dead. I tried asking on different places discord, scriptng etc etc. Coz i dont want to bump this old topic. My only problem is i want the prize only to be given on the first rebirth and not on the next rebirths, Hope someone can help me here. Thank you sir @Dastgir for this wonderful script.
  3. This is my rebirth script prontera,210,218,6 script Rebirth NPC 811,{ function deleteItem; // Deletes Required Items function CheckItemNeed; // Shows the Required Items function getItemReward; // Gives the Reward mes "^11E6D0[Rebirth System]^000000"; mes strcharinfo(0)+", How may I help you?"; switch( select( "^777777~ Ranking:~ Rebirth:~ Information:~ Reset Stat:~ Cancel"+((getgmlevel()>=.GMLevel)?":~ Reset Ranking":"")+"^000000" ) ) { case 1: next; mes "^11E6D0[Rebirth System]^000000"; mes "Rankings:"; query_sql "SELECT `name`,`rebirth_no`,`master_rebirth` FROM `rebirth_system` ORDER BY `master_rebirth` DESC, `rebirth_no` DESC LIMIT "+.list,@name$,@rebirth_no,@master_rebirth; if(getarraysize(@name$)==0){mes "^F20808 No Records Found ^000000"; close;} mes "Format:"; mes "^0814F2[Character Name]^000000 - ^B308F2[Rebirths]^000000 - ^B303F2[Master_Rebirth]^000000"; for ([email protected]=0; [email protected] < getarraysize(@name$); [email protected]++){ mes ([email protected]+1) +".) ^0814F2["+ @name$[[email protected]] +"]^000000 - ^B308F2["+ @rebirth_no[[email protected]] +"]^000000 - ^B303F2["+ @master_rebirth[[email protected]] +"]^000000"; } deletearray @name$[0],.list; deletearray @rebirth_no[0],.list; deletearray @master_rebirth[0],.list; close; case 2: next; mes "^11E6D0[Rebirth System]^000000"; if (.MasterRebirth>0 && rebirth_no >= .MasterRebirth){ mes "You can Do Master Rebirth too."; mes "Master rebirth allows you to earn some more powerful items."; mes "On doing Master Rebirth, you will lose "+ .MasterRebirth +" Rebirths"; if (.MaxRebirth[1]){ mes "You can do "+ .MaxRebirth[1] +" Master Rebirths Only"; } @rebirth_type = select("Do Standard Rebirth:Do Master Rebirth"); next; mes "^11E6D0[Rebirth System]^000000"; }else{ @rebirth_type = 1; } if ((@rebirth_type==1 && .MaxRebirth[0] > 0 && rebirth_no >= .MaxRebirth[0]) || (@rebirth_type==2 && .MaxRebirth[1] > 0 && master_rebirth >= .MaxRebirth[1]) ){ mes "You have Reached the Maximum Number of "+ ( (@rebirth_type==2)?"Master":"" ) +" Rebirths("+ ( (@rebirth_type==2)?master_rebirth:rebirth_no ) +")"; close; } [email protected] = eaclass(); [email protected]_rebirth = false; for ([email protected]=0; [email protected]<getarraysize(.add_jobs); [email protected]++){ if (Class==.add_jobs[[email protected]]){ [email protected]_rebirth = true; break; } } if ([email protected]_rebirth){ [email protected]_rebirth = true; setarray [email protected][0],EAJL_2,EAJL_2_1,EAJL_2_2,EAJL_UPPER,EAJL_BABY,EAJL_THIRD; for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize([email protected]); [email protected]++) if ((.job_rebirth&[email protected][[email protected]])){ if (!([email protected]&[email protected][[email protected]])){ if (([email protected] == 1 || [email protected] == 2) && [email protected] == true) continue; [email protected]_rebirth = false; break; } if ([email protected] == 0) [email protected] = true; } } if( BaseLevel < 500 || JobLevel < 120 ) { mes "You must be Max BaselLevel/Joblevel to Rebirth."; close; }else if( [email protected]_rebirth ){ if (.job_rebirth&EAJL_BABY) [email protected]$ = "Baby "; if (.job_rebirth&EAJL_THIRD) [email protected]$ = [email protected]$+"Third"; else if (.job_rebirth&EAJL_2_1 || .job_rebirth&EAJL_2_2) [email protected]$ = [email protected]$+"Second"; else if (.job_rebirth&EAJL_UPPER) [email protected]$ = [email protected]$+"1-1"; mes "You need to be "+ ((.job_rebirth&EAJL_UPPER)?"Trans":"") +" "+ [email protected]$ +" Job"; close; } mes "Items need :"; CheckItemNeed(@rebirth_type); next; mes "^11E6D0[Rebirth System]^000000"; deleteItem(@rebirth_type); break; case 3: next; mes "^11E6D0[Rebirth System]^000000"; switch(.reset_opt){ case 1: case 2: mes "Your BaseLevel,JobLevel"+ ((.reset_opt==1)?",Skills,StatPoints And Status":" And SkillPoints") +" will be Reset."; break; case 3: case 4: mes "You will be Changed to "+ ((.reset_opt==3)?"Base":"Job") +"Level 1 with JobLevel and Skills/Status Unaffected"; break; } if (.job_rebirth&EAJL_BABY) [email protected]$ = "Baby "; if (.job_rebirth&EAJL_THIRD) [email protected]$ = [email protected]$+"Third"; else if (.job_rebirth&EAJL_2_1 || .job_rebirth&EAJL_2_2) [email protected]$ = [email protected]$+"Second"; else if (.job_rebirth&EAJL_UPPER) [email protected]$ = [email protected]$+"1-1"; mes "You Should be "+ ((.job_rebirth&EAJL_UPPER)?"Trans":"") +" "+ [email protected]$ +" Job to be able to Rebirth."; if (.job_rebirth&EAJL_UPPER) [email protected] = 1; if (.StatusN){ mes "You Get "+ .StatusN +" Extra Status point for every Rebirth"; } if (.ResetJob==2 || (.ResetJob==1 && [email protected]) || [email protected]_rebirth){ mes "You will become Novice Upon rebirth"; } else if ((.ResetJob==1 && [email protected]) || (.ResetJob==3)){ mes "You will become High Novice Upon rebirth"; } else{ mes "Your Job will not change upon rebirth"; } next; mes "^11E6D0[Rebirth System]^000000"; mes "For Rebirth, you may need some items."; CheckItemNeed(1,1); if (.MasterRebirth > 0){ next; mes "^11E6D0[Rebirth System]^000000"; mes "Upon Reaching "+ .MasterRebirth +" Rebirths, you can do Master Rebirth"; if (.MaxRebirth[1]){ mes "You can do "+ .MaxRebirth[1] +" Master Rebirths Only"; } if (.StatusM){ mes "You Get "+ ((.StatusM)-(.StatusN * .MasterRebirth)) +" Extra Status point than Normal Rebirth for every Master Rebirth"; } mes "Master Rebirth Allows you to earn some powerful items."; next; mes "^11E6D0[Rebirth System]^000000"; mes "For Master Rebirth, you may need some items."; CheckItemNeed(2,1); } close; case 4: mes "[Reset Stats]"; mes "Reset Stats: "+ .ResetStat +"z"; mes "Continue?"; if (select("~ Yes, Reset Stat", "No, I don't want to reset") == 2) close; next; mes "[Reset Stats]"; if (Zeny < .ResetStat) { mes "Sorry, you don't have enough Zeny."; close; } Zeny -= .ResetStat; resetstatus; StatusPoint = StatusPoint + (.StatusM * master_rebirth) + (.StatusN * rebirth_no); mes "There you go!"; close; case 5: next; mes "^11E6D0[Rebirth System]^000000"; mes "Bye."; close; case 6: next; mes "^11E6D0[Rebirth System]^000000"; mes "Are you sure you want to reset Ranking?"; mes "Once done, Action cannot be reverted."; if (select("Yes, Reset the Ranking:No, Let me think again.")==2){ next; mes "^11E6D0[Rebirth System]^000000"; mes "Thank you for using my service."; close; } next; query_sql "TRUNCATE TABLE `rebirth_system`"; query_sql "DELETE FROM `char_reg_num_db` WHERE `key`='rebirth_no' OR `key`='master_rebirth'"; query_sql "SELECT `account_id` from `char` where `online`=1", [email protected]_id; for ([email protected]=0; [email protected] < getarraysize([email protected]_id); [email protected]++){ if (attachrid([email protected]_id[[email protected]])){ if (rebirth_no){ rebirth_no = 0; } if (master_rebirth){ master_rebirth = 0; } } } deletearray [email protected]_id[0],getarraysize([email protected]_id); mes "^11E6D0[Rebirth System]^000000"; mes "Ranker Reset."; close; } if (@rebirth_type==1){rebirth_no += 1;} else{master_rebirth += 1; rebirth_no = rebirth_no - .MasterRebirth; } switch(.ResetJob){ case 1: if (!Upper){ jobchange Job_Novice; break; } case 3: jobchange Job_Novice_High; break; case 2: jobchange Job_Novice; break; default: break; } //set BaseLevel,200; if (.reset_ss&1){resetstatus;} if (.reset_ss&2){resetskill;} query_sql "INSERT INTO `rebirth_system` (`char_id`,`name`,`rebirth_no`,`master_rebirth`) VALUES ("+getcharid(0)+",'"+strcharinfo(0)+"',"+rebirth_no+","+master_rebirth+") ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE `rebirth_no`="+rebirth_no+", `master_rebirth`="+master_rebirth+" "; getItemReward(@rebirth_type); if (.StatusN || .StatusM){ StatusPoint = StatusPoint + (.StatusM * master_rebirth) + (.StatusN * rebirth_no); } mes "^11E6D0[Rebirth System]^000000"; mes "You have taken Rebirth."; if (@rebirth_type==1){ announce "[ Rebirth system ] : "+ strcharinfo(0) +" rebirth for the "+ rebirth_no +" time !", 0; }else{ announce "[ Rebirth system ] : "+ strcharinfo(0) +" has done Master rebirth for "+ master_rebirth +" time !", 0; } close; function deleteItem { for ([email protected]=0 ; [email protected] < .size_item; [email protected] += 3 ){ if ( !( getarg(0)&(.item_req[[email protected]+2]) ) ){continue;} delitem .item_req[[email protected]], ( .item_req[ [email protected]+1 ]*(rebirth_no+1) ); } return; } function CheckItemNeed { if ( Weight > 200000 ) { mes "You must reduce your weight to 2000 to do Rebirth."; close; } [email protected] = 0; for ([email protected]=0 ; [email protected] < .size_item; [email protected] += 3 ){ if ( !( getarg(0)&(.item_req[[email protected]+2]) ) ){continue;} if ( countitem( .item_req[[email protected]] ) < .item_req[ [email protected]+1 ]*(rebirth_no+1) ) { mes "You Require [^ff0000"+countitem( .item_req[[email protected]] )+" / "+ .item_req[[email protected]+1]*(rebirth_no+1) +"^000000] ^112FD9"+getitemname( .item_req[[email protected]] )+"^000000"; [email protected] = 1; }else{ mes "You Require [^00ff00"+countitem( .item_req[[email protected]] )+" / "+ .item_req[[email protected]+1]*(rebirth_no+1) +"^000000] ^112FD9"+getitemname( .item_req[[email protected]] )+"^000000"; } } if ([email protected] && !getarg(1,0)){close;} return; } function getItemReward { for ([email protected]=0 ; [email protected] < .size_reward; [email protected] += 4 ){ if ( !( getarg(0)&( .reward[[email protected]+3] ) ) ) {continue;} if (rand(1,10000) <= .reward[[email protected]+2]){ mes "You Got "+.reward[[email protected]+1]+" "+getitemname(.reward[[email protected]])+" "; getitem .reward[[email protected]], .reward[ [email protected]+1 ]; } } next; return; } //OnNPCKillEvent: //if( getmonsterinfo( killedrid,MOB_MVPEXP ) ){ // if( getcharid(1) ){ // getpartymember getcharid(1),2; // [email protected]$ = [email protected]$[ rand( [email protected] ) ]; // }else{ // [email protected]$ = strcharinfo(0); // } //for (set [email protected],0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.mvp_reward); set [email protected], [email protected]+3){ // if(rand(0,99) < .mvp_reward[[email protected]+2]){ // getitem .mvp_reward[[email protected]], .mvp_reward[[email protected]+1]; // } //} // announce "[ "+( getcharid(1) ? "Party":"Player" )+" ] "[email protected]$+" has killed "+getmonsterinfo( killedrid,MOB_NAME )+" at "+strcharinfo(3),0; //} //end; OnInit: bindatcmd("reborninfo",strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnCommand"); waitingroom "Rebirth NPC",0,"",0; //MVP Kill Reward List <item[0], number of item[0], chance[0], item[1], number of item[1], chance[1], ...> setarray .mvp_reward[0], 60001,1,50,60002,1,100; // item required <item ID>, <number> , <1=NormalRebirth,2=MasterRebirth,3=ForBorthRebirths> setarray .item_req, 60001, 1, 1; .size_item = getarraysize( .item_req ); // rewards <item ID>, <quantity>,<chance(10000=100%)>,<1=NormalRebirth,2=MasterRebirth,3=PriceForBothRebirths> // recalculates the chance and gives the next reward if chance is met. setarray .reward,80078,1,10000,1; .size_reward = getarraysize( .reward ); //Do not Change This .list = 10; //Show Top x in Ranking /* EAJL_2_1: 2-1 Class EAJL_2_2: 2-2 Class EAJL_2: All Second Class EAJL_UPPER: All Trans Class EAJL_BABY: All Baby Class EAJL_THIRD: All Third Class Full List: EAJL_2_1|EAJL_UPPER: Trans 2-1 Class EAJL_2_2|EAJL_UPPER: Trans 2-2 Class EAJL_2|EAJL_UPPER: Trans Second Class EAJL_BABY|EAJL_2: All Second Baby Class (Same for 2_1/2_2/Upper as mentioned above) EAJL_THIRD|EAJL_2_1: 3-1 Class EAJL_THIRD|EAJL_2_2: 3-2 Class EAJL_THIRD|EAJL_2_1|EAJL_UPPER: Trans 3-1 Class EAJL_THIRD|EAJL_2_2|EAJL_UPPER: Trans 3-2 Class EAJL_THIRD|EAJL_2|EAJL_UPPER: Trans 3rd Class EAJL_THIRD|EAJL_2_1|EAJL_UPPER|EAJL_BABY: Baby Trans 3-1 Class ... You can have any Combination of classes ... */ .job_rebirth = EAJL_2|EAJL_UPPER; setarray .add_jobs[0],Job_Rebellion,Job_Gunslinger, // Additional Jobs, who can rebirth Job_Soul_Linker, Job_Star_Gladiator, Job_Taekwon; .ResetStat = 1000000000; // Zeny needed for Resetting Stat .reset_opt = 1; // (1=Reset Base and JobLevel to 1(0 skill points and all stats to 1),2=Reset Base and JobLevel to 1(SkillPoint=0, While Skills and stats are not affected),3=Reset BaseLevel to 1, 4=Reset Job Level to 1) .reset_ss = 3; // (1=Reset Status, 2=Reset Skills, 3 = Reset Status and Skills). setarray .MaxRebirth[0],100,1; // Maximum Number of Normal Rebirth/Master Rebirth.(0=Unlimited) .ResetJob = 1; // 0=Don't Change Job, Just Reset Level,1=Reset Job to Novice/Novice_High depending upon the job, 2=Force Reset to Novice, 3=Force Reset to Novice_High .MasterRebirth = 0; // Number of rebirths require to do Master Rebirth. (0 to disable) .StatusN = 600; // Status Point to Give at Every Normal Rebirth. .StatusM = (.StatusN * .MasterRebirth) + 600; // Status Point to Give at Every Master Rebirth. (Don't Change initial part) .GMLevel = 99; // Minimum GM Level to Reset the Ranking. query_sql "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `rebirth_system` ( `char_id` int(11) NOT NULL default '0', `name` varchar(24) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'NULL', `rebirth_no` mediumint(6) NOT NULL default '0', `master_rebirth` mediumint(6) NOT NULL default '0', PRIMARY KEY (`char_id`)) ENGINE=MyISAM"; end; OnCommand: dispbottom "REBIRTH COUNTS: " + rebirth_no; dispbottom "+ 10% MaxHP Per Rebirth"; dispbottom "+ 225 Max Weight Per Rebirth"; dispbottom "+ 10M Break HP Limit Per Rebirth"; dispbottom "+ 1 All Stats when Rebirth is 101"; dispbottom "10M Max Damage when Rebirth 150"; dispbottom "15M Max Damage when Rebirth 180"; dispbottom "20M Max Damage when Rebirth 200"; end; } I want the rebirth prize to be given only after the first rebirth. And no prize will be given on the next rebirths after that. Also why expanded jobs cant rebirth? Is it possible to enable rebirth on all expanded job too? Thank you in advance guys.
  4. Anyone can help? Nothing happened on reset password of an account. Still the same password. Password reset link sent to my email. But nothing happened when I click the link.
  5. Help with this anyone?
  6. meruem

    Ecall delay

    Anyone know how can i remove the cooldown of ecall when relogging?
  7. Hi sir. There are many problem with the npc. Champ and sinx cant enter the champ vs champ and sinx vs sinx. Also cant enter solo. Always saying i have party even i dont have any party.
  8. meruem

    Ecall delay

    Can anyone help me with this problem please?
  9. As I've said sir. Its not there. Checked it already. Cant find it on all the GRFs data.grf prere2021.grf rdata.grf resources2021.grf
  10. Hi sir. How can I change this banner? Cant find it on all the GRFs data.grf prere2021.grf rdata.grf resources2021.grf
  11. Anyone can help me with this?
  12. meruem

    Ecall delay

    Help on this anyone?
  13. Thank you very much sir @anacondaq for this. But is there a guide on how to set this up on linux server and make my friends connect to it? I only see guide for windows on your link. Thank you sir.
  14. Hello sir. Thank you for your reply. Where can I find the right ragexe that I will diff? Coz I see many around but I dont know what is the right one to use. Or maybe list where I can choose? Or maybe there is a ready made one. I dont know something ready to use that will read 64k hairstyles? Thank you again sir.
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