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  1. conf/map/battle/client.conf last line show_tip_window: false
  2. Hi, I am a C++ programmer and I am still learning Hercules scripting so my answer will probably be wrong, but I would try something like this. if( bg_countlogin(sd,false) > 0 && battle_config.bg_double_login && #trusted == 0) { sprintf(output,"You cannot join %s queue. Double Login detected.", qd->queue_name); clif_displaymessage(sd->fd,output); return 0; }
  3. https://youtu.be/Xz8ABna4-uQ So I have a pre renewal server. my renewal.h has renewal mechanics disabled #define DISABLE_RENEWAL //#define RENEWAL //#define RENEWAL_CAST when i set min_skill_delay_limit: 3000 (3 sec) it works properly, but when its set to 0 i still have 0.5 sec delay on skills wich should not have delay { Id: 401 Name: "CH_SOULCOLLECT" Description: "Zen" MaxLevel: 1 Hit: "BDT_SKILL" SkillType: { Self: true } DamageType: { NoDamage: true } InterruptCast: true CastTime: 2000 SkillData1: 600000 CoolDown: 0 Requirements: { SPCost: 20 } }, only info i could find was this https://www.gitmemory.com/issue/rathena/rathena/4254/514001674 is it really client side thing or am I missing something?
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