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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Hercules Community, Here's a Guide to Add a New Custom Status Icons(the one displayed on the right) What you Need? Knowledge of Editing and Compiling Server(and ofcourse custom icons) 1) Server Side Edits: open src/map/status.h Find SC_MAX Add Before SC_MYCUSTOMBUTTON, Find SI_MAX, Add Before SI_MYCUSTOMBUTTON = ID_OF_BUTTON, (ID of Button can be any, but I suggest to have them > 2000, so not to avoid any updates with kRO(which is at 900) now) P.S: Remember that ID_OF_BUTTON, we gonna need them later. src/map/status.c Find status->IconChangeTable[SC_DECORATION_OF_MUSIC] = SI_DECORATION_OF_MUSIC; Add Below status->IconChangeTable[SC_MYCUSTOMBUTTON] = SI_MYCUSTOMBUTTON; Recompile 2) ClientSide Edits Get a CleanCopy of statusicon folder (https://github.com/ROClientSide/Translation/tree/master/Data/luafiles514/lua%20files/stateicon) Open efstids.lub Find: __newindex = function()error("unknown state") Before it add, EFST_MYCUSTOMBUTTON = ID_OF_BUTTON, P.S: ID_OF_BUTTON should match the one on source(status.h) Open stateiconinfo.lub Find StateIconList[EFST_IDs.EFST_JUMPINGCLAN] = { Add Before StateIconList[EFST_IDs.EFST_MYCUSTOMBUTTON] = { haveTimeLimit = 1, posTimeLimitStr = 2, descript = { { "My Custom Button Heading", COLOR_TITLE_BUFF }, {"%s", COLOR_TIME}, --do not edit this, this shows time remaining { "Description 1" }, { "Description 2" }, { "Description 3" } }} Open stateiconimginfo.lua Find [PRIORITY_GOLD] = { OR [PRIORITY_RED] = { OR [PRIORITY_BLUE] = { OR [PRIORITY_GREEN] = { OR [PRIORITY_WHITE] = { (Depending on what background your Custom Button is) Add below [EFST_IDs.EFST_MYCUSTOMBUTTON] = "MYCUSTOMBUTTONFILE.TGA", P.S: Your Button File must be in .TGA form only. .tga file must go to data/texture/effect/ Folder And Its DONE!!! NOTE: Replace MYCUSTOMBUTTON with your own Icon/Effect Name
  2. I was thinking, how about a disabled_status mapflag or map zone conf? How it would work is whenever 'SC_STATUS' is specified in that mapflag (or map zone?), it will automatically end or not allow that status to take place. Example hypothetical mapflag: prtg_cas01 mapflag nostatus SC_ASSUMPTIO In this instance, when on the map prtg_cas01, even if a player can use a skill which does this status (i.e. Assumptio, High Priest Skill), the status will not take effect. And any new players entering this map will automatically lose SC_ASSUMPTIO. Or it could work in map_zone_db.conf. This example would do the same as above for Blessing and Assumptio statuses. disabled_status: { SC_ASSUMPTIO: true SC_BLESSING: true } Erm, just throwing an idea I thought of out there. Let me know what you guys think. Even if it's not suitable for official herc, maybe it will inspire someone
  3. Hello, all right? so I'm creating a skin for my Thor Patcher and would like this skin appeared the staus of my server "ON or OFF" would also appear that the amount of players logged into the server, how can I do this?
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