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  1. Looking for a map maker, can talk more detail if you contact me. Looking for the following re-skinned maps (no changes to any warp points). All are renewal maps. Alberta -> Style of Imperial Japan (Like Payon) Manuk -> Style of a Viking Town Malangdo -> A jungle Rebel hideout. And more in the future. Please contact me if you can support. Minuvas https://discord.gg/vz4xCvQU7K
  2. Minuvas

    New life for RO

    This looks like a great project. RO is essentially the "skin" for the project I'm currently doing, but I'm not married to the game itself. I really look forward to any attempts to reinvent the client as you've imagined. Will be following.
  3. Hercules was updated from search_freecell to search_free_cell you need to change 2793 to look like this: map->search_free_cell(NULL, m, &x, &y, range, range, 1);
  4. The Ragnarok Roleplay currently consists of a Core Developer, a Source Developer, 2x scripters, and multiple artists. From a server development side we are really doing very well. However, I need some additional help for some volunteer positions. Looking for Game Masters. As I am not a person from the RO community, I am looking for Game Masters to help advise and moderate our server. You don't need to be a roleplayer, or interested in roleplay, to come join our server. I am in need of personnel familiar with RO renewal mechanics to help manage the server and advise on modifications and changes. Our server has a significant amount of custom features and although it is a "Low-Rate" server, it is drastically different from a normal Ragnarok Online experience. If you think you can assist us, please come reach out to me on discord. Looking For Web Developer. Although our website has been designed, built, and is fully functional - we will need to consistently tweak and improve it. An individual with web development experience is welcome. https://www.ragnarok-rp.com https://discord.gg/47J3XhXV56 Minuvas
  5. We were able to resolve this issue. Was a PACKETVER error in mmo.h
  6. Let me follow up by saying, I am willing to pay for the work.
  7. Thank you - fixed it. Getting these errors. I could manually go in and remove the Battleground flag within each eBG map. My server is a "PK" server, is this why it is getting flagged like this twice?
  8. I am aware this is a challenging and complex ask. Looking for a plugin that will enable voice chat for players in proximity of each other. Please let me know if you're up for the challenge.
  9. Expected Release : February 2021 . Please checking out our other post looking for volunteers. For those looking for a unique, different, Ragnarok Experience - this is your server. Ragnarok RP is a US/EU based roleplay server for Ragnarok Online. We unique from the other roleplay servers based on our teams roleplay experience, and our focus on roleplay. Being created by an experienced team of Dungeon Masters across both digital and pen and paper teams we are building a world with custom maps, lore, sprites and classes. We believe in organic roleplay, which means players will drive the overall story under DM created story arcs. Players will fulfill key positions in our world - leading factions as Kings, fighting wars as generals, conducting assassinations and diplomacy and changing the world around them. This server is likely different from what you've experienced in that we are roleplayers first, who happen to use the Ragnarok platform. If you are looking for the traditional Ragnarok experience you won't find it here. We have removed, added, or altered many of the NPCs and functions you've been accustomed to in the world of Ragnarok. You will find yourself instead on the continent of Avernum, living in a world ruled by an oppressive Empire that has just crushed the last remnants of rebellion in one of its Southern Kingdoms. We are in the hard development phase of the server, but rapidly implementing many of our features already. Here are some of expected features: 1. Hand-crafted game world which will include new maps, jobs, music, world, characters. Dungeon Masters will help you build a story and help shape the world. 2. PvP, Assassination, Perma-Death and War Mechanics that will enable Factions to win territories, defeat or subdue other factions and change the course of the story. 3. Character-Creation expanded. Our custom character creation system will let you set your age, race, marriage/adopted relationships, place you in an initial faction, and put you in a starting zone. You can play a half giant, a human, orc, high elf...just some of the choices you can make. 4. Unique Job Progression system. Players will unlock their first job at character creation, but every job thereafter is earned through events and roleplay. This will make higher tier jobs within a small circle of outstanding players. You will feel accomplished to have unique sprites in the world. 5. City Management. Factions will own at least one major city and can conquer more. They will be able to, through a single NPC, manage the tax rate of their city, purchase buildings and merchants, place and manage guards, and receive profits of the city merchant sales and rent from player housing. These cities, and their revenue can be lost or gained through conquest. 6. Passive Roleplay experience. Players are not required to grind to gain levels, as there will be passive XP rewarded to players who are in proximity of others and actively Roleplaying. Dungeon Masters may also reward experience, items, and costumes for exceptional roleplay. 7. We have no intent of ever making players use a cash shop to buy items that make gameplay easier. If we ever decide to implement a cash shop it will be for cosmetic items only. 8. Custom Player Map and Factions https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/785517213154541588/791723456206995506/WorldMap_Edited_Version.jpg[/img] 9. You build it, we try it. We support creative players. If you want to create a custom headquarters for your guild, a unique player housing, or a really neat an interesting script or sprite - make sure it is but free and non exploitive and we want to incorporate it in or game. Our server is meant to be Custom! We expect an initial launch in Late January of 2021 or early February Our website, under construction, is at www.ragnarok-rp.com. If you want to get in early to be apart of this great project, come find us on discord https://discord.gg/vz4xCvQU7K
  10. Updating for those who have similar issues. I got a recommendation that it is possible I have multiple databases running using the same port which is why I can login sometimes and not others. I am goin to reboot the server and startup the MySQL database and see if this resolves the problem.
  11. Edits are accurate in sclientinfo.xml, I was able to find "AlwaysReadKrExtSettings" and I have the service_korea folder and the appropriate lubs as apart of a translation.grf, but do I need to know anything with the folder?
  12. I was actually able to login and move around on the server. Shortly after, I changed my screen to full size and got the same litany of errors after the client restart and attempt to login. It seems very random if I can/can't get in.
  13. I can't seem to get past the below two errors. Every now and then I can get past the login-server to the character creation (Screenshots #1 and #2), but still get "Rejected from Server" (Screenshot #3). I have made sure the PACKETSERV matches in data.grf and mmo.h My client version is set at the default of "20", and this is also how it reads in data.grf as well as clientinfo.xml and sclientinfo.xml I have used WARP on the 2020-09-02 patch, but I was getting the same errors on a 2018 patch using NEMO. I didn't have any issues using WARP and it produced a patched client without issue for me with all the recommended changes. Can't seem to get any further, if anyone can help. Thanks, Min
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